Practical Packing

June 14, 2013

We couldn't just pack up our house and move.  We were temporarily moving into my mom's house (we needed stuff here too!) so we were having to sort what we need vs what we can live without for a few months.

1.  Get a helper

2.  Use things that need to be packed TO pack.  Meaning:  use dish towels, sheets, rags, whatever to wrap breakable things.  Killing two birds with one stone and it's cheaper.  After I took this picture (of items on top of  a towel) I then wrapped some of the items in extra pillow cases and put a few throw pillows on top.

3.  Label!  I put what's in the box and where it needs to go once it's moved (and in some cases which room it came from)  I used silver pen because the boxes were used once already for my brother's move and had been labeled in black sharpie.  By using silver I knew instantly where the box needed to go.

A lot of things that were super breakable I just took and used at my mom's house and things that we were going to need just got tossed in the car and carried over to my mom's as well.  We were going to get a Uhaul but totally forgot about renting one (we're still not sure how that happened) and just used my step dad's trailor instead.

Towards the end things were all over the place and the storage place was getting TIGHT!  So we started off really well but some odds and ends...yeah, I have no idea where they are.  For the most part though it turned out well.  We will FOR SURE be getting a Uhaul once we buy a house to unload the storage unit but to unload my mom's house we will most likely do the car/trailor route.


These are pictures of me re packing a box that Jonathan packed.  Seriously, Jonathan?  The glass was just laying there...not wrapped or anything.  

And, since I showed you a few bad packing photos I might add a 


Tami said...

When we moved we also had to sort stuff into what we needed right away and what we could do without. It made me realize that I should probably get rid of half of what I packed away for later! If I lived without it for months I guess I probably really don't need it! :) I'm glad you guys were able to get it all moved and settled into your temporary house. How is the house hunting going?

Michelle said...

The koozy packing picture cracks me up...SUCH a husband move :)


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