When it Rains...

June 17, 2013


May I vent for a moment?  Since it's my blog I'm going to assume that's a YES!

The frustrating thing about moving  is that it costs a lot of money!  Yeah, we're not paying a mortgage right now and that's lovely but the money we spent moving and getting things switched over has been outragous.  There are gas prices from all the trips to and from, we had to pay our final Comcast bill and our new SuddenLink (with start up costs) bill in the same month, in the midst of this we were up for renewal on our phone plan so we had to pay that, when you're moving you don't want to cook/can't cook so you have to go out to eat, we are paying for a storage unit and pre-paid a few months...luckily my mom isn't having me pay her utilites until July so I'm not paying double on those!  I also had to register Georgia for school and swim lessons during all of this...it seems like all I do these days is write checks.  Sheesh!

Next time we move I am making freezer meals in advance just so we don't fall victim to eating out to much.  Seriously, one day Georgia threw her food at me because it wasn't "chicken nuggets".  Totally a sign we were going to CFA too much!  Also, we will be renting a Uhaul.  I'm sure getting a Uhaul is cheaper than all the money we spent on gas making hundreds of trips to and from.  Other than food and gas though, there isn't really anything that could be done...moving just costs a lot of money :( and I'm the kind of person who loves to SAVE!

Then, on top of all of that the week we moved Georgia had her 2 year appointment.  Which is fine.  She checked out A ok!  Then on Thursday I think she had what looked like pink eye.  I took her in because we were moving THAT DAY and we didn't have a dr in Conroe so I just wanted to get that squared away.  No biggie.  We already had the pink eye drops at home and we were on our way.  Well, then on Saturday (after we had moved) she got a fever (and remember that time HERE where I got terrible advice on the after hours hot line about fevers?  Well, now I'm that parent who just takes their kid in.  Plus, our dr. took saturday appointments and I didn't have a new dr. yet so I just took the appointment because I could.)  So yeah, apparently there is viral pink eye that causes pink eye AND cold like symptoms.  That's the kind she had.  Well, after I drove over an hour to the dr. and over an hour back she was actually totally fine and pretty much fever free (figures.  But better safe than sorry.)

So after she gets better, and after 3 drs appointments in one week with moving I get sick.  I get the same thing she gets (same yucky eye and all) except I don't get better in 24 hours like her, I cough and COUGH for like 2 weeks.  Finally, Jonathan pretty much makes me go to the dr. because neither of us are getting any sleep and the dr. says  instead of my virus going away it probably turned into an infection.  Awesome.  Because the type of immune system I have is non existent...where my 2 year old can kick it in less than 2 days.  Cool.  Also, I developed these blisters on the back of my throat.  Ouch...yeah.

So, finally both of us are better.  But that didn't last very long.  On thursday of last week G has a low fever.  Around 100.  So, I give her some Motrin and take her to swim lessons.  She cries the entire time and I just think it's teeth because in the midst of all of this two of her two year molars pop through.  Later that day I break down and take her to the dr because even with Motrin her fever isn't going away.  Doc says that her teeth are most likely causing the back up in her ears.  One ear is showing a small infection.  He gives her an antibiotic and we're on our way.  So yeah, I'm the mom who tossed her kid into swim lessons while she had an ear infection.  Mom of the year right here!

By Friday she isn't better and I've made up my mind that we're going to tough it out.  And, by not better I mean she's screaming crying with Motrin and Tylenol.  And that is so not sick Georgia.  Sick Georgia does well with Motrin and Tylenol and you can't really tell she's sick.  This screaming crying two year old...never dealt with her like this before.  We get through Friday night and Saturday morning I finally notice that she has blisters on her tongue.  WHAT?!

Blister on front left of tongue and small one on the front right.  Spot on face and chin are jelly :)

So, I get in touch with the doc.  His office pages him and he calls me.  I send pictures and it becomes in conclusive as to what it is...viral or some type of allergy.  We take her off the antibiotics and her fever continues to rise and so do her screams.  In the mean time he calls in another pain med (which I'm more than happy with.  The doc is married with a young family and it's a saturday morning.  Like 9 am when all this is happening...) and at first that helps and we get her to eat some but eventually it's still not enough.  By 4 pm I've had enough and we go off to the minor emergency.  She just needed to see a doc in person.

Well, when the doc can see her entire mouth and throat he sees that her whole tonsils are now covered in white puss (eww) and so is the back of the throat and several parts of her tongue.  So, it's not a reaction to the meds (which is good to me) then Jonathan and I both remember I had blisters on the back of my throat but mine were not nearly as bad because I don't have tonsils.  (Which G was born with very large tonsils so she has been on a "tonsil" watch since a young age.  Her pediatrician guessed she would eventually have them removed since they are large and prone to infection...like mine were.)  She gets two antibiotic shots and sends us home.

Anyways, so G got some strange virus.  She got over it in two days then gave it to me.  I never got better and somehow gave the virus back to her WHILE she cut her two year molars (and the virus turned into an infection like mine did OR her molars caused an entire new infection...who knows) WHILE we were moving.  Really, it's as bad as it sounds...the doc texts again at the end of the night to check in which is really nice.

So, all the annoying financial stuff up top plus the sickness (and sickness isn't cheap!) has been a great house warming for us!  And like I said, Georgia does sickness well.  Usually a day or two of sleeping a lot and lots of Mortin and she's fine...but this, it's all new to us.  And to make it worse, she keeps saying, "I go home!"  Poor baby is so confused.  (And, the power has gone out like 3 times, the fridge nearly went out, and we battled roaches and won!)

Luckily, by father's day she was feeling much better!  Not 100% but for sure on the mend!

So, that's what we've been up to lately and how we spent our father's day weekend.  Not asking for sympathy...just venting.  This too shall ALL pass, huh???

And, let me end by saying I am so gratful for my life.  So, SO gratful...we've just had a rough month :(


3 Frogs and a Princess said...

Oh my! I hate moving too. It's so expensive. Our moves have cost almost more than it was worth by the time you pay 2k for a uHaul to move across the country. Glad Georgia is feeling better. That must have been draining dealing with all that while moving!

Tami said...

Oh girl! I am SO sorry! It sounds like it's been a rough couple of weeks! I'm glad to hear that Georgia is on the mend!

Kristal said...

Ryane had that same weird virus.....the blisters were awful....she couldn't eat and hardly wanted to drink anything. It was just awful.....I feel for ya. Things will settle down...have a great week.

ShaunB said...

You have had a rough month! I hate moving expenses. We thought that we had done so well with saving up what we needed. There were so many unexpected expenses, especially with Uhaul. I hope that things start calming down for you!

Allison said...

Oh my! Hope everyone is well & stays healthy!!

Elizabeth said...

Ugh! I'm so sorry! That sounds really really rough but glad that everyone in your family is feeling better. Hope this next month is better for you!

And I hate moving too! We just moved into our new house yesterday (yeah I know it was Father's Day but that is what the hubs wanted) and I'm tired of unpacking all the boxes! Moving is so expensive too!!

Melanie said...

Oh my gosh! Glad everyone is on the mend now..I would be venting too!! And your right..moving is hard (and expensive)!

Ashleigh said...

This sounds awful! Its so true "when it rains it pours" we are currently trying to close on a new house and I swear everyday we owe somebody new money, i feel like we are on our way to going through every dollar of our savings right now. My almost 2 year old has been so grumpy and whiny these last few days, she got her teeth super early so I have been wondering if she might be getting her 2 year molars. I totally feel your pain on all this and I hope everything starts to calm down for your family!

Lyndsey said...

My friend Tracey just moved and they had a tough time too! The moving company they used tried to charge them twice the estimate and was holding their stuff hostage in the moving van until they paid! It was such a mess! I'm glad that's all behind y'all for the next few months at least - and I hope G is back to her old self SOON!

Brittney Galloway said...

I'm so sorry! That IS a totally rough month. And we are in the midst of packing for a move and the not wanting to cook and dirty a packed up kitchen is awful. I just feel like we are bleeding money.

Jacana28 said...

I understand where you are coming from with sickness. My 20 month old has been sick 3 times in the past 6 weeks! So not fun! Hang in there!

Mallorie said...

UGH. I am SO sorry! :-( that all stinks. Hoping for smooth{er} sailing these next few weeks!

And writing this as I listen to EC scream/standup/protest naptime in her crib. Lovely ;-)

Megan C said...

It has been a rough month for ya... you need our girls weekend! Glad G is feeling better and all is getting settled.


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