Anniversary Week

July 15, 2013

Our five year anniversary is this Friday so in honor of that I'm doing an anniversary week theme to my posts this week!  Some have already been posted so if you've been a follower for awhile then you've probably already read them.  Enjoy!

{Here is a condensed version of our nearly 8 years of dating and 5 years of marriage!  This coming October will be our 13 year marker!}

Summer of 1998 I moved to Crosby and met Jonathan at church before we started our 7th grade year. Let's just say sparks DID NOT fly. We were not really fans of each other.  I thought he was very rude and I'm pretty sure I left no impression on him at all.

The end of 8th grade was when we became that was 2000.  And, by friends I mean we could tolerate to be around each other.

(Our 1st picture taken together at the 8th grade social.  Can't belive I ever posted this picture.)


By August of 9th grade (2000) we were pretty much BFF.  We ate lunch together everyday and we did our entire freshman orientation together.  Jonathan says that orientation is really when she started to "like" me.

October 25th, 2000 he said, "will you go out with me?" and I said, "yeah!" He walked me to class (English with Mrs. Hunter), handed me a note, hugged me and left. So romantic, I know. To add to the romantic atmosphere when he actually "asked me out" we were standing next to the girls bathroom...lovely!

(2 days after we started dating at my birthday dinner.  Horrible picture.  Again.)


Our 4 years of high school were very uneventful and we dated all the way through.

(Our senior prom.  We were posed here.  We didn't just naturally stand this way.)


Then, we headed off to college and were 4 hours apart.  We only lasted about a month.  He broke up with me September 24th 2004.  One month before our 4 year anniversary.

Jonathan broke up with me OVER THE PHONE (he went to HBU and I went to Baylor) while I was standing outside in a parking lot. Ugh, the nerve! We were broken up for 6 months. We spoke on the phone every Sunday, saw each other only 2 times (Christmas break and Spring break), and wrote emails EVERYDAY. So, yes we were broken up (I dated someone else...gasp!) but we were never over each other.

I think the shock of being so far apart was just really hard on him.

March 24th 2005 Jonathan and I got back together (over the phone via text...ha!) while I was in my new boyfriend's apartment. I know, I know...awkward.  Just small details now.

(End of our freshman year of college)

The rest of college was pretty much the same as high school was for us...uneventful.

Friday the 13th (April 2007) He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes and we were married on July 19th 2008!

(Engagement pictures)

(wedding pictures)

Two months in we got our first dog.

Nine months in we bought our first house.

And, 2 months shy of our 3 year anniversary Georgia was born!

So it's been a great 5 years (and 8 before that)!


Danavee said...

Happy anniversary week!!!

Callie Nicole said...

Looking forward to reading all your anniversary posts this week! And that first picture of you two together is so cute! :-)

Tracy Over said...

Happy 5 years! My husband and I dated for 3 years, broke up for 3 years and dated another 2 years before getting married. We also celebrated our 5 year this past June :) 2008 was a great year of marriages with all of my twitter/blogging friends!

Lyndsey said...

Happy Anniversary Week!


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