Our Proposal Story

July 16, 2013

Here is how Jonathan POPPED the question!

Jonathan proposed on Friday, April the 13th. At the time I lived in Waco (going to Baylor) and Jonathan lived in Houston (going to Houston Baptist University). I knew he was having a ring made and I knew he had talked to my parents (he talked to my dad first and then talked to my mom second b/c my parents are divorced...poor guy) but I had no idea when he was going to ask. Although, it is hard to keep secrets when you've been dating for over 6 years. Moving on...on Monday one of my friends said, "lets go to dinner and a movie on Friday!" and of course I said ok. I had no idea my three best friends including my roommate were all in on the secret. Jonathan had been calling them about it for awhile. So, we went out to eat and to the movies and the entire time my friends were getting calls and texts like crazy...I had no idea it was Jonathan. They all knew he was on his way to Waco but I didn't think he was coming that weekend. After the movie my friends Jaclyn and Ashley drop me off at my town house. Jac is one of those super careful friends and always makes sure her friends get into the house ok before she drives off so I didn't think it was strange when she parked at my house rather than dropping me off. So, I walk in the door and Jonathan is standing in my living room (this is the reason my roommate went out of town since Jonathan took over the entire lower half of our house) with 6 candles lit (we were together 6 years at this point) and there were 78 rose petals on the floor. One for every month we had been together (I would have never gotten that if he hadn't told me). I said, "what are you doing here?" I'm not sure why I said that since it was totally obvious and he instantly got down on one knee and said, "will you marry me?" I'm pretty sure I put my hands over my mouth and said yes but I can't really be sure. Then I pulled him up and went to give him and hug but he stopped me and was like, "no, you have to put on the ring first". Of course, I did and then we hugged. A few minutes later it all clicked in my head and I opened my front door and my 2 friends instantly ran in screaming...then I knew they were in on it the whole time! 

YAY! I was so happy we were engaged! FINALLY!

The bling! For some reason the flash makes it look less sparkly but it is VERY sparkly! This is the picture I took to send all of my family and friends at home! I was so excited and could not stop staring at the ring!

Happy with a ring...and sad without a ring!

Jonathan and I at our Engagement Party. It was on Dec. 1st so it was Christmas themed. We had a great time.

Everyone at the party!

Here are some of our engagement pictures taken by Danny Heinlein from DWPhotoz.com. He is one of Jonathan's friends from college and his fraternity brother.


Nina said...

so sweet!

Tami said...

I loved reading this!! You guys look so young in the pictures!


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