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July 22, 2013

We are still here at my mom's house.  No real house prospects in sight and not worrying about it all.  We're just lovin' life.  This post is two weeks in one so sit down and stay awhile ;)

Meeting and making friends with our wonderful neighbors
-Georgia and Ethan are big fans of each other!  Since moving in they've played in each other's yards countless times, gone to the movies and chick fil a, had us over for dinner and the guys went shooting together as well. -

Going to the movies with G for the first time
-We actually went with Ethan and his parents after our Chick fil a lunch.-

Going to see John Mayer with old friends that are just so great to be around
-We had lawn seats and it RAINED!  But, we made the best of it!-

An attempt at a selfie.  Jonathan took up half the screen!

Playing outside A LOT in the dirt!

Starting a few letter of the week activities

Going to parks

Exploring the back yard
-Jonathan has Georgia very interested in bugs.  But she can tell you all about insects and the fact that they have 6 legs.  We're now working on mammals :)  And, her outfit is because it just stopped raining (boots) and the mosquitos are so bad and I'm tired of her getting eaten up even with bug spray (pants).-

Neighborhood bike rides
-Our neighborhood has crazy hills.  J pulls G because he has a good bike.  My bike is cheap and has no gears.  The hills KILL me.-

Going to gymnastics
-Before nastics I did G's hair in super cute braids.  Keep scrolling to see what these braids turned into!  Yikes!-

Talking about the weather and watching all the storms and rain
-Georgia is so interested in the weather.  She told me, "I tell Nana.  Show her windy thunder."

Enjoying good food as always!
-My brother made too much taco soup so he sent the leftovers over to our house!  Score!  It thickened over night so I made my into a taco salade!  Nom nom!-

-WAAAY too excited about our new monogrammed goodies!-

Snapping random photos.  Duh.
-I just LOVE taking pictures of Georgia!  Obviously.-

Showing those Matilda Jane models how it's done!

Birthday parties!


BIG winner!


Celebrated our anniversary!
-Nothing BIG because we had just gone on a trip-

Lot of car rides!

Arm fat!!!

This is what the past week has looked like here in Conroe.  Rain.

Baby shower time!
-My college roommate had a baby shower this weekend so I housed one of my college besties for the weekend!  Ahh, love her!-

Good table manner ;)

So, that's our past two weeks in one post!  wow!


Tami said...

You guys seem so happy in your new area! Georgia and Ethan are such cuties and that is great that she has a playmate right next door!

Megan C said...

Love all the pics!! Also, love that wall and stairs downtown! Great place for some maternity photos!!!!

Melanie said...

Love the pics!! You ever think about doing freelance photography on the side? You'd be great at it!

Lyndsey said...

Y'all have been busy! That park looks like fun - I feel like our local parks are so blah and boring. And HOT since most aren't covered so we don't go much.

G is looking super cute in all her new clothes!


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