5 Years

July 19, 2013

Blessed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.  These past 5 years have been amazing, difficult, fun, and a learning experience.

Our Honeymoon
Jonathan is such an amazing husband.  I'm not sure how I snagged one that enjoys cooking, helps me clean, did most of Georgia's sleep training and took her nearly every night the first 7 weeks of her colicky life.  Even still he bathes and puts her to bed every night.  Honestly, my carrying a baby and birthing abilities is all I really bring to the table...kidding.  He makes me laugh more than anyone else I know, nearly always tells me yes, is so kind and patient, teaches the 3 year olds with me at church, goes to all the art museums with me, is very involved at our church, works so SO hard at his job and loves it.  AND is good at it!  He's a guy's guy but knows that helping me or making me happy doesn't make him any less of a man.  Just a better man in my opinion.

Married less than a year.
It's funny to think about all the things that led up to you meeting someone.  Like, when I moved to Crosby I cried everyday.  I just hated living there.  But, if my parents hadn't divorced then my mom wouldn't have married Aaron.  And, if she hadn't married Aaron then we wouldn't have moved to Crosby.  And, if we hadn't moved to Crosby then I wouldn't have met Jonathan at church the summer before we started 7th grade.  So, all of those super hard, really difficult things turned out to all be worth it for me.

San Antonio trip
So, here were are 5 years later (living in my mom and step dad's house...ha!) with a beautiful baby girl and we are exactly where we want to be!

Our first night as parents in the hospital
I LOVE you so much Jonathan and I'm so glad you're my husband!  I wonder what's in store for the next 5 and beyond?


Tami said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Here's to many, many more!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Melanie said...

Aww..so sweet! Happy Anniversary!

Lea Culp said...

This made my heart smile....so delightful to see a happily married young couple. Sweetest blessings for many more years to come!


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