Simple 4th Decor

July 31, 2013

We're living at my mom's house most of you know (it was vacant before we moved in so we're not living with my mom and step dad).  Most of our seasonal stuff is in storage and that's fine so I've been finding little ways to decorate.  I'm using what I can find around the house or what G and I can whip up really quickly.

I took these pictures with my phone so know that the quality isn't that great.

I found these flags in my mom's closet. (They are actually flags on the grave of my mother's great cousin who died in the war and was buried in France.  They brought them back after a visit to his grave).  Yes, that's a French flag but I was showing Georgia the difference between the flags and the colors matched and I'm of French heritage so it works.  I also found the vase/pitcher in her buffet and she bought the flowers...I think.  Maybe...

This bunting was left over from the Olyimpics (pause while we all wish the games were still on).  All I did was quickly whip this up with scrapbook paper, yarn, and my hot glue gun.  The blue and white was already on the mantle so that was just a nice touch.  Oh, and that sweet face right in the middle.  She's all mine ;)

I REALLY enjoy celebrating the little things in life.  I love to make a big deal out of birthdays and Valentine's day and the older I get the more I really like USA holidays and all the red, white, and blue with stars.  So much fun.

I've told myself that all holidays spent living at my mom's house will be decorated by DIY things because I am NOT digging our decor out of storage.  It just isn't happening.  But, I'm excited to think outside the box a little more.  Stay tuned for future DIY {homless} holidays...haha :)


Kristin said...

love that shot of georgia on the mantel! her face is so precious!!

Tami said...

You are so good with decorating for holidays! I thought about at least buying a little sign for our door or something but I never did! I need to get more into the holidays because it makes your house so festive- even the simple little touches!

Joanna said...



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