Since We Moved...

July 1, 2013

If you've read my blog for awhile you know that my number one complaint about where we lived previously was that we felt very isolated.  We were 30 minutes from family in one direction and 30 minutes away from family/friends in the other direction.  We had no close connections keeping us in the prior area.  Before we lived in Porter but had church in Conroe and gymnastics so we were there two days a week every week but other than those two days we rarely saw anyone else.  So again, we were very isolated.

Now that we've lived here a little over a month here is a peek into our new schedule.  This calender peek is from last week.

Monday - We did NOTHING.  I had just gotten back from girl's weekend the day before.  And, when I got back we went straight to my grandmother's birthday party in Houston so by Monday I was WORN OUT!

Tuesday - Swim lessons at 8:30.  That's really early for us but our class got moved up this week to accomadate my sister in law's schedule.  But, it's really close to our house so it isn't that big of a deal.  Then, we had gymnastics at 5:15.  After gymnastics we met some church friends for yogurt at our favorite local place!  They are a family of three boys and Georgia had a really good time playing with them!

Wednesday - Big Brother watching party at my brother's house (Georgia stayed with her first non family member babysitter!) since one of our close friends was making a bit of a cameo appearance on the first episode.  (And, may I add that I love living in the same town as my brother.  It's the first time since 3rd grade that we've lived in the same town because he's 9 years older than me and went off to college.  Last week his little family and my even smaller family had 4 family dinners together.)

Thursday - Swim lessons at 8:30 again.  I worked the Bargain Box at 10.  I joined the Conroe Service League with some friends (other friends and my sister in law are already members) and they own and operate the Bargain Box which is a second hand store in Down Town Conroe. (Kind of like an outreach program for the town)  So, we're on a rotating schedule and only have to work once a month.  I picked Thursdays since in the fall G will be in school on Thursdays.  I spent all my time from 10 - 1:30 sitting on the floor sorting and pricing baby clothes.  Then, we got yogurt again, just the 3 of us :)

Friday - I met Lauren and Zoe at Einstein's to eat breakfast and make a joint Matilda Jane order.  We then had some friends over for dinner with their kids (Actually one of the families is my sister in law's sister's family.  You follow?)  We've known them for what feels like forever and they live just a few blocks away so that's nice.  They're almost like family.  The other family was Lauren and Zoe (the ones we met up with earlier for breakfast) and of course Lauren's husband, John David came too!  And, get this ALL the boys at our house that night, their names started with Jo(h)n.  Jonathan, John David, John Mark, and John Mark's son is John Canon (but goes by Canon)  That's a lot of Johns!  The only pictures I got are of the back yard after everyone left and our ice cream maker workin' hard!  Successful dinner party if I do say so myself!

Saturday - I met the preschool director (already had yogurt with her and her family earlier this week) to discuss church/preschool business and to talk about helping start our MOPS program.  Our church has wanted to do it for awhile but I think we now have the help to do it.  Then, we met Jonathan's parents and his sister and her family for dinner at Rudy's.  YUM!  Before that me made a mall run too.  I don't even like going to the mall.  Jonathan was suckered into buying a few princesses for our little princess...and of course my purse ended up holding them.

Sunday - Church like usual.  We teach the 3 year olds.  When we get our new fall group it will be our 3rd class!  Then, we went to Lila Ann's (one of the kids who came over for dinner the other night) birthday party at Pump it Up!

So, you see.  Our schedule has picked up quite a bit huh?


Lyndsey said...

Y'all have been busy! Good luck getting your MOPS group up and running - it's so fun!

Tami said...

That is so awesome that you are able to be more involved with church and see your family more because of the move! Yay for starting a MOPS group. I didn't get to join this year because we got here so late in the year but I'm looking forward to it in the fall!

Mallorie said...

Oh y'all sound like you're having a blast!

Woo hoo for MOPS! I can't wait to hear all about that! :-) Good luck! It's such a blessing!

stephanie said...

It is so great for me when we can share our lives with our family and close friends, so it is wonderful you get to do that on the regular now.

Lauren said...

This is really random, I recently came across your blog and haven't commented before, but my husband and I are both from Conroe and we are moving back later this month. I remember working the Bargain Box with my mom when she was in Service League years ago! I've looked into MOPS and only found them in The Woodlands, so if you get one started in Conroe I'd love to be a part of it!


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