What's In A Name?

July 3, 2013

Nope, not pregnant.  You didn't miss anything!  I just LOVE thinking about baby names and I always have.  Names are so fun!

When thinking of baby names I typically think of girl names.  Boys names are just so much easier to me.  If we have another girl I want a name that goes well with Georgia.  So, that could be a southern name, a place name, a G name, a name that has the same "Ge" sound that actually sounds like a "J", or a name that ends in "a".  So, we have a lot of choices and some names fall into more than one category.

I like but he hates:
Lucienne (Lucie)

Southern Names:

Place Names:

G Names:

"Ge" or "J" sound Names
(ex:  Georgia and Jonathan sound like they begin with the same letter)

End in "a" Names:

Names we just like:
Josephine (Josie and after my grandfather)

Family Names to Consider:
Alexandra (Jonathan doesn't like)
Alexander (thought about giving a girl Alexander since it is technically a surname)
Evaline (Great grandmother's name pronounced Eve-A-Line. Would got by Evie.)

So, these are all names we've considered but not all are contenders really.  We like a lot of double names with Jane or just Jane by itself.

Jonathan doesn't like Lucienne, Clio, or Greta so those are out.  We both LOVE Magnolia but it's the name of a town very close to where we live and we both agree that would be a little weird...but it's not out yet.  Charlotte is too popular for me and Grier is good to me but not great so those two are out!  Cora and Nora we also LOVE but they are getting too popular for me as well and Everly and Josephine are a bit too trendy.  I really like Adelaide but I'm not fond of Addy and I feel like that would just happen.  And, we didn't know that "NOLA" meant New Orleans Louisiana.  Kind of ruined the name for us.  Boo.

So, if we were to have a girl here are the choices we've been throwing around.  (My brother's name is Austin Alexander and he's the only kid not named after someone so I'm dead set on naming a kid after him.)  A big issue is that Jonathan is REALLY wanting to use the name Jane.  It's one of our favorites ever and sounds really cute with Georgia.

First Names:
Eliza Jane
Evaline (Evie)
Briar Jane

Middle Names:

Favorite Combos:
Eliza Jane Alexandra
Eloise Austin
Evaline Alexandra
Jane Alexandra

I'm totally fine with an unexpected middle name.  Georgia's is a play on a family name and I love that it's not common.  Still love Georgia Emiline.

And, if you're into name meaning you can't beat Eliza Jane.  Eliza means pledged to God and Jane (a feminine version of John, a big family name for us) means God's gracious gift.  Yeah, you can't beat that.  Georgia means farmer...lovely.

Like I said, boys are easy.  Our boy will have a double first name with the middle name Alexander.  It would be John(insert another name here) Alexander Powell and go by the second first name...do you follow?

So, our first name choices are:
John Milam (My-Lum)
John Merritt
John Collier
John Piers

And, say we were to pick John Milam.  The full name would be John Milam Alexander Powell with John Milam being the first name on all records but only being called Milam.

Boys.  Bam.  Easy.

SOOOO, all of that to kind of say, are there any names I'm forgetting or passing over?  Any suggestions?  I'm open and want to hear them!  You know, for future reference!  I like the name to not be in the 200s or above for popularity although Georgia now is.


Hilary said...

I love the name Austin & would like to consider it, but had an old boyfriend with the same name, so I think that's out. :-)

Tami said...

I love that you are already thinking baby names! Do I sense some baby fever?!? ;) I also like less popular names but Jesse vetoes most of the ones I like! I recently became obsessed with Lorelei but he said it is an absolute no! :(

Kristal said...

What about Austin for a girl first name??? I have a little girl named Austin on my campus and it is super cute!

You could go with Jane Austin Powell :)

Beth Ann said...

I love Eliza and it is a top contender if we ever have a girl. I wonder if it will get popular...that's my only concern. What about Genevieve? Also, I loooooove the name Collier. I know someone who just named her baby boy Collier- which was her maiden name. I love surname names for boys (thus my Holden & Brooks). ;)

Brenna Boyd said...

Everley was our girl name when I was pregnant with my son and was so bummed Channing Tatum and his wife picked it because now its going to get popular :-(
Love all your other names. My friend is also considering Nola for a girl if she has one.
Love Eliza Jane! And I definitely love Jane and Georgia together.

Callie Nicole said...

I love your list of names! Adelaide is pretty, I think that was on our list too.

Rachel said...

My Husband John wanted to name both our boys John but I just couldn't do it! That would be 3 John's in a row and I know it's been confusing of my John when he gets emails meant for his dad and when the bank thinks they are the same person. I never thought to just use the middle name....good idea!

All your names are beautiful but if you wanted my opinion I love love love Eloise! My best friend is going to name her baby girl that (whenever she has one) and I just love it so much!

Melanie said...

Oh my gosh..I LOVE the name Magnolia!! I know what you mean though about towns..I 'used' to like the name Madison for a girl..but we have a town nearby called that..just kinda strange! But it would be cool having a Georgia and a Magnolia..soooo southern!

Dixie Bell Designs said...

I have two cousins who are sisters named georgia and nola! so cute!


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