Letter Learning A-C

August 6, 2013

I've always liked to teach Georgia at home and this summer has been no different.  I would have liked to get more done but it is what it is.  She's so smart and learns so much every day and I've always wanted to take full advantage of that.  (No, I will not be home schooling. G starts day school in the fall.)

Right now we are doing Letter Days.  I know it's geared for Letter of the Week but she's young so we're just doing a few activities a day and moving on.  

Here are some resources I've been using:  You can follow my "Learning at Home" Pinterest board here.

A few free learning apps I like are: (not all letter apps)

To Watch I Like:
Leap Frog Scout and Friends Phonics Farm (Georgia LOVES this!  It's on the ipad.)

Once school has started I'm going to start doing mini unit learning with Georgia.  Starting with the Solar System and then geography and incorporating as many subjects as I can into each unit. (Language skills, letters, spelling, geography, music, art, history)  I'll keep you posted.  There isn't a lot for that content so I'll really have to get creative with Georgia age group.

Today, I'm featuring my lack luster attempt at A-C.  I just dove in one day without much planning so we got a few small-ish activities.  Towards letter C I started to get more into it.  Also, even when we're not doing "letter" activities we're talking about the letters, their sounds, and the words they're in casually.  We also do a lot of side walk chalk games with letters.  That's super easy.


For A day I pretty much just made it up as I went so we didn't do too much.  We discussed "big A's" and "little a's" because Georgia already knows her alphabet so we're moving on to lowercase letters and letter sounds.  We talked mainly about apples, painted with the colors that apples come in (red, yellow, and green), and did apple prints which she LOVED!  Then we ate a snack of apple slices and called it a day.


B day was much more planned out.  Jonathan and I raided Georgia's play room for everything that started with the letter B.  Barbies, Babies, Ball, Boots, Bear, B Books, and Bunnies.  She thought it was Christmas morning when she got up!  Oh, and blue chalk.

Then she painted her "big B" and "little b" with blue and brown.  I mean, we had to use colors that started with B's.

Then, we read these books.  We already had these at home so that was easy.  After we read we played with our chalkboard and ate blueberries and bananas in addition to our regular lunch.  It was a fun day.


We started off C day by going to the library.  We picked out letter books and C books.  She picked out the book on centipedes.  Yuck.  

I looked up "letter C" on Youtube and got a lot of options for G to watch on my lap top when we had some down time during the day.

She watched this, this, and this while I got semi ready for the day and put away the laundry.

We talked about the letter C and practiced (tried) writing it.  We discussed a few words that start with C.  Then we went outside and did the same thing with side walk chalk.

We also painted a cloud (tempera) and glued on cotton balls for texture and painted (metallic watercolors) a caterpillar.  These are not the prettiest crafts but it's the process and the discussion that counts.

The whole time we're painting I tell her water, paint, paper.  Water, paint, paper.  She mostly gets it.

When we're finished I just run the entire set under the water for a few seconds and it gets it pretty clean.

After her nap she snacked on some carrots and that was it for C day!  And I promise I do put clothes on my child most of the time.

She's loved it!

Stop by again to see what we do for the next set of letters. I'm starting to get the hang of it!


Tami said...

I love all of these ideas! I plan on starting mini units with E pretty soon too. She won't start preschool until she's 3 so I really need to find learning activities that will keep her busy. About a month ago I came across a website with PERFECT toddler mini units and now I've lost it! I'm so bummed!! :( We will definitely be trying the apple painting- thanks for sharing your ideas!

Lyndsey said...

Awesome ideas! Liam's starting weekday school soon too, but I definitely need to start working more at home. I have been lazy about it these past few months! Love the apple and caterpillar painting - I need to try water colors!

Nina said...

Love the ideas!

Brittney Galloway said...

Your letter A unit looks like what we did with Grace last week, except she HATED apple printing, ha. She just wanted to eat the apple and was mad that I got it dirty!

Megan C said...

Love this! And I'm pinning it for future use! More of these posts please!!!!


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