My Little Ballerina

August 28, 2013

Georgia's first day of ballet was last week.  We were both very excited about it!  So, I got a little picture happy before we actually left for class.  You have no idea how much I have dreamed of this day!

Jonathan and I want to have this picture put on a huge canvas.  We both just love it!

During class:
She walked right in with no problem since it was not a "mommy and me" class.  The reason I picked this class mainly!  Anyhow Georgia was the only girl in the class who had not been in the Mommy and Me class the year before so she was the only one who didn't know the teacher or classroom.  The teacher came and got me within a few minutes because Georgia was crying.

I knew I could handle this two ways.  Pick her up like she was asking me to thus making our next class even harder OR go the other route and insist she stays in the class but just reassure her with words and not picking her up and taking her out.  (I'm so the mom who stands my ground and doesn't start "bad" for us habits.  I rather stop paci's, rocking her until she's asleep, her sleeping in our bed, and waking in the middle of the night before it really starts.  Those are all fine if that's what you feel comfortable doing but they're just not for me.)  Anyway, so I held her hand for all of like 2 minutes and then just slowly stepped away with each activity.  Every few minutes she would look back at me and I would smile then, she would smile back like she now knew it was ok.  This went on for about 10 minutes and I quickly left the room.  She did notice I left and tried to open the door but the teacher saw and distracted her and she never cried...just wondered where I was.  

After that she participated with every activity and had a great time.  I took these pictures through 2 way glass so that's why they look strange.  We can see the kids but they can't see us!

After class:
She was so excited and so proud.  I'm so glad that her doing this class on her own supports her independence.  She got a sticker and a coloring sheer and was super pumped about them both.  A friend asked her what she did in ballet and she said, "plies".  Ahh, melt my heart!  Also, at the end of the year she will be in the recital.  I'm so excited.

Hopefully dance will continue to help us make good memories!


Emily said...

Oh my, she looks precious in her little ballerina outfit. Too cute!

Tami said...

She is the most adorable little ballerina! Emerson is still in the Mommy and Me class- they don't do independent classes until 3. I think it makes it harder on both of us! She would probably do so much better if she were just able to go into the class on her own.

Megan C said...

Love her little ballerina outfit! I am so glad she ended up having a good time and was okay. I know that must have been hard, but I would do the same thing! Can't wait for her recital!!!!

Mallorie said...

Awww she is PRECIOUS! I cannot wait for EC's first ballet class. I will be GIDDY! I have started looking for some Mommy & Me classes around here for the fall!

And trust me, if there was a way to stop night waking before it started I tried it...and it STILL didn't work for us. HA! EC has been waking up during the night this week actually. Just trying to power through and hope it's a phase. ;-) That's my toddler mantra most days "it's just a phase". And goes too fast.

Melanie said...

That outfit alone is reason enough to! Too cute!

Kristin said...

Georgia makes an adorable ballerina!!

Lyndsey said...

She looks so cute! I'm already looking forward to that day with Liesl! I hope I can figure out how to do a bun by then :)


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