Preppy in 1988

August 27, 2013

{Today is Georgia's first day of school!  Say a few prayers for us!}

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Here I am in all of my first day of preschool glory.  I was 3.5 and this was in 1988 (I'm pretty sure all that is accurate information).  There is another better picture of this outfit but I just could not find it.  So y'all get the, "I'm nervous in the bathroom" photo.  

(P.S. Lyndsey, I went to preschool at FBC Rockwall.  Same as Liam will be doing!)

So anyway, I bought Georgia a denim skirt recently and when I put it on her I had flashbacks to this photo.  Thus began my hunt for a pink Polo.  I found hers at the Polo outlet in Gulf Shores, AL.  

Here is Georgia's updated flashback outfit.  I texted this exact picture to my mom and she wrote back that she was crying.  Haha.  Love it!  (Sorry for the blurry phone picture.  I "updated" my phone and got an iphone 4 because it was free.  Dumb move.  I cannot express how much I hate it!  Should have paid the 50$ for the new Samsung)

Here is a side by side.  I was 3 and Georgia is only 2 but I just love the updated version of my 1988 outfit!  (Wish I wasn't covering up my face and that my white keds were showing!  We have the same exact chin and jaw line.)

Bow:  Kroger
Shirt:  Polo
Skirt:  Lucky Brand
Belt:  Matilda Jane
Shoes:  LelliKelly


Lyndsey said...

That is so cute! Good luck to you and G today! And how funny you went to FBC Rockwall - Will went there too obviously and said he was probably in class with Austin!

Kelly Slater said...

How cute is that?! She looks adorable, hope she had a first great day!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, this is just too cute! Love the flashback! Also, I jsut got a new phone and also got the iPhone 4 because it was free and I totally agree. It was dump. I wish it took better pictures. I had a 4s before and didn't realize there was a difference in the camera, but wow. There totally is!

Nina said...


Pamela said...

Twins! Love it!!

Hilary said...

Aww, so sweet!

Shawna said... it, great idea!

Elizabeth said...

So cute! Hope her first day of preschool goes well for both of you!

Rachel and John said...


Megan C said...

Love the comparison, so cute!

Nikole! said...

ah! so cute! love the comparison

Melanie said...

So cute! I can tell that Georgia favors you from that pic!

Tami said...

This is too stinking cute!


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