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August 22, 2013

I haven't done a day in the life post in awhile nor have I done one since we moved into my mom's house.  We do things a little different here but this is a pretty typical summer day for us :)

Georgia wakes up. (She sleeps in the master closet and we sleep in a guest room.  Have I ever mentioned that?)  She eats cinnamon toast and a few banana slices with milk while watching Little Einsteins.  After her breakfast she decides she wants to cuddle.  Then we hear the trash man.  We live on the corner so on Mondays the garbage truck passes by 3 times and the recycling also passes by 3 times.  So, it's a very exciting day for a 2 year old!

We are up and out of the house for a walk.  I love my mom and step dad's neighborhood.  It's our dream that a house will come up for sale here!  We don't actually live with my mom and step dad...they just own the house so it's not like I'm just leaving them out of this post...it's just that they are not actually here :)

When we get back I decide to play with G's hair for a bit.  I make her hair into a bow with a real bow underneath.  How fun!

We play outside for just a bit and then come in to paint.  Painting goes really bad because she dumps the paint out and ends up in time out. :(

While I clean up the messy kitchen she watches two YouTube videos about the letter D.

Then, we pick up her playroom because she asks to get out more toys and I tell her no unless we clean up first.

Now, it's time for lunch.  Avocado, oranges/bananas/apples, spinach salad, and hot dog.

She gets mad because I gave her the wrong cup and she throws the cup and Tiana across the room.  Tiana goes into toy time out meaning she can't get her back the rest of the day because she made the bad choice to throw her across the room.

After lunch she poops on the potty, drinks her milk, plays a bit more then it's time for bed.  She goes down for her nap before 12:30.

I veg while she's napping because I'm worn out.  I just blog and work on a few hand print/footprint projects for Georgia.

Also, my former school started their new school year today.  That means, as of today I am officially staying at home with Georgia.  Feels surreal since we dreamed of moving here for so long and now we actually are here (borrowing a house).  

G is up so we cuddle and watch TV for a bit.  Then, we went to the park for a bit and headed to Sonic for some strawberry slushes.  When we get home we play with some magnets and then eat dinner.

Angel hair with marinara, broccoli, zucchini, and spinach, fruit, spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and a few meatballs.  Yummy dinner.

Bath is at 6:45.  After bath she poops on the potty, drinks her milk, and is in bed before 7:30.  Jonathan walks in the door right after I put her down.  They are doing registration at his school right now so his hours are longer than normal and he isn't seeing G as much as he would like.

I go on a run.  Jonathan finishes dinner and cleans up the kitchen after he preps dinner for us for tomorrow night since he's working late again.  He has a movie and we watch it off and on while we do random stuff around the house (do mindless activities on our computers).

We do a Nike Training (app) "better butt" 15 minute workout.  We complain through the whole 15 minutes.  Ha!  (Jonathan goes to work early to workout there).

It's 10:06 now and I'm about to go jump in the shower and then be off to bed.  Jonathan has gotten me in the habit of staying up later than I ever wish too.  If I lived alone I would so be asleep by 9:30 every night...not doing a butt workout.

I'll have to do another one of these once dance and school start.  Our days should be a bit more interesting then :)


Megan C said...

Y'all usually have a pretty busy day, it seems fun though. I like reading these!

Natalie said...

We are post twins ;)
Looks like you guys had a busy and fun but low key day. Sometimes those are the best!

Tami said...

I love reading these posts! Yay for your first official day as a full time stay at home mom!! :)

cait said...

congrats on being at home!! and here's to prayers that a home opens up there for y'all! I'm so impressed with what she lets you do to her hair! such a sweet girlie girl

Mallorie said...

Sounds like a good day to me! :-)


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