Orange Beach

August 21, 2013

{Happy Birthday Jonathan!  I LOVE you!}

I could do this in several posts BUT I'm not.  This is just going to be one LONG vacation post.

We left Nottoway Plantation (sadly) on Wednesday morning and made our way to Orange Beach, AL.  We stayed at The Turquoise Place and really enjoyed it.  We vacationed with my mom and stepdad, both brothers, and my brother's family and his babysitter along with Jonathan and Georgia.  The little ones all slept in closets.  The adults all had their own rooms except for my middle brother who slept on the couch.

This was a cousin picture but I cropped out the blurry one (mine!)

On Thursday we headed to the beach.  After Georgia napped my niece and nephew went down for their naps so my little family went and explored and found an old barn on the bay side.  Later on at sunset we took the girl's pictures in their pale blue smocked dresses.

On Friday, mostly everyone swam at the beach and pool while some of the girls went to shop at the outlets.  We took more pictures of the girls on the beach and then headed out to dinner.

On Saturday we bummed around the beach and around the pool and around town.  We ate fancy donuts and napped.  That night we took my niece and nephew crabbing too!

The entire family.  From left to right.  My middle brother, Jonathan, Georgia, me, my step dad, my mom, my nephew, sister in law, my oldest brother, and my niece.


Pamela said...

Beautiful pictures!!

mariel said...

looks like so much fun! i love the whole family picture!

Megan C said...

Love all the pictures!! Happy birthday Jonathan!!

Tami said...

Y'all got some amazing pictures!! I am dying over that madras outfit on G. It is too cute and the whole color scheme is adorable!

Melanie said...

Love the pics..I especially liked how y'all didn't do the typical khaki and white color combo on the beach..turquoise is much better!


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