A Week{ish} in Review

September 3, 2013

It was promotion Sunday at church.  Georgia and I accidentally dressed alike and you can tell by this picture that she was super interested in documenting the occasion.  We also went to a swim birthday party but I didn't get any pictures because of chasing my two year old around.

I really wanted to just hang out and enjoy our last day of summer before Georgia started school.  We went to the park and Starbucks.

First day of school.  She loved it.  She did so well. (I have a whole post coming up on her day soon!)  She didn't nap there which I could see that coming from a mile away (My fault.  I know.  I've got her hooked on her sleep habits.  Sound machine and pitch black room.)  Girl likes her routine and it works well 99% of the time but she doesn't sleep in the car well...or any well lit place for that matter. (Actually J and I don't either so maybe it's just our little family that likes sleeping in dark caves!)  I try to put her down for a nap after school but she is WAY too jazzed up about her day.  When Jonathan got home we took her for a celebratory yogurt!

Dance went SO well today!  Me being firm with her last week really paid off.  She's pretty much the star of the class ;)

I had to pick my niece up from school and take both girls to a birthday party.  It was such a precious PINK first birthday.  Just lovely.  I didn't have time to snap a lot of pictures since I was wrangling a 3 year old and a 2 year old post Capri Suns, cookies, and cupcakes but it was worth it because the sweets were YUMMY!

Her second day of school is again, awesome.  No nap again BUT she did take a nap when she got home so she was at school for 5.5 hours and then took a 2 hour nap at home.  I had A LOT of alone time that day.

J worked late that night and Georgia didn't get up from her nap until 5 and then was back asleep by 7:40 so I pretty much felt like I was in solitary confinement all day!  Ha!

I got to babysit our PRECIOUS little neighbor Ethan.  Him and Georgia just love each other and play so well together.

Jonathan taught Georgia the art of laying in the grass...

Jonathan got home early so we went to dinner and to get yogurt.  G and I got all dressed up but Jonathan wasn't feeling well when he came home so we skipped the pictures.  I did snag one of G's hair.  Jonathan went to bed super early that night so I spent the evening trying not to cry while watching The Great Gatsby.

We went to HBU's first football game ever.  (Jonathan went to school there.  They lost 75-0.  Ouch!)  It was so hot outside.  105 exactly.  G and I left early (she had a heat rash and the humidity was so bad I felt like I couldn't breathe) and Jonathan stayed for the whole thing.  So, I had another night in by myself.  Oh, and while we were there tailgating Georgia found a friend to dance with.  (Jonathan's frat brother's little girl)  It was the most precious thing.  Georgia just walked right up and grabbed her hand and started dancing.  Such cute girls!

We went to church like normal and then out to lunch with some friends.  We came home and all took naps and just lounged around the house until dinner time.  Jonathan painted Georgia's nails, put on Cinderella for her (while wearing her Cinderella shirt of course), and taught her how to use scissors.  The makings of a good day for the Peach.  Then we went to Starbucks, walked a few piers, and headed home.

Two funnies:
Georgia took her first real picture.  I very non flattering picture of me but since I LOVE taking pictures I'm hoping she'll love it too.  And, just a nice quote from her in the car :)

We just ran errands and hung out around the house.  After nap time we went to Rudy's for dinner and then headed home for bed.

The past several days have just flown by getting used to my new normal of staying home but with Georgia in school two days a week and having dance every Wednesday.  It's a really nice normal :)  And, still house hunting with no luck.  It is so much harder to find your second house!  With that being said, I am SO content wtih the spot we're in right now and with Georgia and her age.  I'm in love with every little bit of her!  We're so blessed.


Tami said...

What a fun and busy week! I'm so glad to hear that Georgia is settling into school well! It must be so awesome to have that huge block of time to get stuff done!

Megan C said...

I can't get over how adorable she is all dressed up in her ballet outfit... love the bow! Sounds like a pretty busy week even though you had plenty of downtime.

Paige said...

SO cute! Yes, our kids get into routines very nicely and it works. They are little creatures of habit. We have a sound machine too!

Melanie said...

Fun weekend..I think the pic she took was pretty good! I remember the first pic I took of my parents I cut their heads out completely..was a total belly shot..lol!

Mallorie said...

Sounds like y'all are having a great time lately. I cannot get over how BIG she looks these days. Where did baby G go?! ;-)

Can't wait to hear y'all have found THE one!!!


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