Her First Day

September 4, 2013

I documented all of Georgia's back to school "stuff" here.  I know it isn't that big of a deal to anyone else but it's a HUGE deal (like, the BIGGEST ever) to me!

Her first day:
I got up a little earlier than normal and made her lunch.  Veggie straws, avocados and apples, organic chicken sausage, colby jack cheese, and a whole grain sandwich thin with a organic vanilla milk.

Jonathan left a note on the coffee table for her.  That's where she eats her breakfast.  She doesn't like to eat breakfast so that was our biggest challenge.  I wanted her to eat so she wouldn't be grumpy at school.  She had apples (with sprinkles), a bit of cereal, raisins, and cinnamon toast (with sprinkles).

Here are our, "First Day of School" pictures!  iPhone and then real camera!

These were the best "in the class" and "in front of the school" pics I could get!  haha.  She walked right in and made herself at home.  I backed away without her even seeing me and skipped the entire "goodbye" thing.  Mainly because if you were to ask her, "Georgia are you so excited to go to school?"  She would say, "oh, at school I cry!"  No idea where she got that but I didn't want to test it!

I was so excited to pick her up that day!  When I got to her class she looked up at me, gave me a half smile, and then kept playing.  Did not care AT ALL that I was there to pick her up!  I asked her what she did at school and she told me, "eat play-doh and goldfish".  Lovely G.  Then, I asked her, "what did Ms. Hope talk to you about at school?" and she said, "Lay down".  Haha!  I'm sure she heard that a lot considering she didn't nap!  She also came home singing two new songs we haven't sang at home before.  She was very tired and wanted milk SO bad.  They can't take milk to school because they can't keep it cold.

Later that night we took her to get frozen yogurt.  I couldn't decide if I liked this picture more in color or B and W.

The day before:
I wanted to have a fun "last" day of summer.  We went to the park and stayed for about an hour.  The weather was so nice.  We didn't even break a sweat!

Georgia LOVES Starbucks so we got her a Vanilla scone and apple juice but she also enjoyed J's frap.  The girl loves her some coffee and I'm not even kidding.  Then, we took her to HEB to the dollar jewelry section and let her pick out something the wear to school...too bad she broke it the morning of :(

After she went to bed I laid all her clothes out and got ready for the day!  My mom did the same thing every single day with us and this is the same chair I used as a child.  I got a little misty at this point.

Meet the teacher:
This went really well.  We had to bring all her supplies and gear and get signed up for our swipe cards but luckily we got there first (duh!) and were able to go through all our "stops" without problem.  The teacher was very welcoming and Georgia made herself right at home in her new class for the year (2 days a week).  We also brought each, her teacher and aide, a small potted plant with a small note.  G handed them out and was very proud of herself.  She does like her teacher despite the look on her face.  There was just a lot going on that day.

Back to school pictures:
I took these a few weeks prior in our backyard one night when Jonathan was home before bedtime.  He always gets the best smiles.

Happy First Day of School my love bug!


WhitneyClarke said...

She is just the cutest!

Natalie said...

I always need Tony around to get the good smiles out, too ;) Looks like you both had a great first day!! kudos to you guys for making it extra special for her :)

Pamela said...

ahh, I just can't get over her cuteness!!

Melanie said...

I'd say your hubby definately got the bigger smiles in the pictures!! Btw..love that one shot you had (in both b&w and color)..LOVED it in B&W!

Lyndsey said...

I love her little dress and bow! I so wish I could peek in on them during the day and see what really goes on! Liam won't tell us what he does, we just ask him questions and he says yes to everything! Ha!

Tami said...

I'm so glad her first day went so well! I just love that picture of her standing at the coffee table eating her breakfast. She looks so big and so little all at the same time! The backyard pictures are precious! Daddy's can always get these girls to smile!

MarshMellow said...

where do you find G's organic chicken sausage??


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