Checking Things Off

September 5, 2013

A few things that were on our Summer Bucket List that have been checked off since school started for Georgia on the 27th!

Make cookies for Ethan our neighbor:  Check!  Well, we made brownies but same idea!

Finger painting:  Check!  We've done that a few times actually.

Flea market:  Check!  Well, we went to some antique malls instead because that's all we could find.

Roast hot dogs:  Check!  We had them at our neighbor's house!  Yum!

Sonic happy hour:  Check!  She drank more of hers than I did!

Swim lessons:  Check!  Started and finished those!

Homemade ice cream:  Check!  We made some!

Zoo:  Check!  Went there!

Picnic:  Check!

Bug catcher:  Check!  She loves hers!

Fun Summer drink:  Check!  Drank some!

Pick blueberries:  Ok, that wasn't on this list but should have been so, check!


Eat snow cones:  Check!

We didn't get nearly as much done on our list as I had hoped but ya happens!  Some things I will just add to our fall list!

Happy end of the summer everyone!


Megan C said...

Such a great summer list! Love the pictures of her in the blueberry farm, she looks so happy!!

Kristin said...

love the photo of you and georgia when you were picking blueberries!

Lyndsey said...

That drink looks good! I love me some La Croix!


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