September 27, 2013

Linking up HERE with my FIVE friday randoms.

1.  We're getting more into the fall spirit.  G got two new shirts to start wearing next month and we've been practicing the letter F and using "fall colors".  Also, we're just enjoying the ever so slightly cooler weather and going to the park more often and trying to do a lot of activities outside.

2.  My college roommate and I ended up living in the same town.  So fun because I got to meet her brand new baby boy this week.  You forget how tiny they are when they are so new!  They grow so fast!

3.  I wore this to the park the other day.  (Following story is the only reason I took a picture of myself.)  Another mother asked if Georgia was my sister.  I'm guessing the sorority shorts need to go?  Surely I look old enough to be my two year old's mom?!  I'll be 28 in October!

4.  Georgia is "allergic" to Italian dressing.  And by allergic I mean it gives her a contact rash only.  Only Kraft that we know of.  Then the other day she got frozen yogurt and she usually gets the sorbet flavor but she picked a regular creamy flavor and got another contact rash.  Both of these items contain soy bean oil.  The only ingredient they have in common.  So the other day Jonathan made some canned beans with dinner for him and Georgia.  The packaging said it contained soy bean oil but she didn't get a contact rash.  SOOO, what's the deal?  Does anyone have any experience with this?

5.  Pictures with mom and dad.  Looks like I got a smile!  (Really, she is just smiling at herself in the reverse camera!)



Kathryn said...

Your little girl is adorable!! Also hilarious you go asked if you were sisters! I got asked once if I was the nanny bc I looked too young to have twins haha! I'm following now so looking forward to getting to know you more through your blog! ;)


stephanie said...

Madison gets a rash from eating ranch dressing. I can not figure out what is in it that causes the rash, it is strange.

Megan C said...

My baby made your blog!!! I'm so glad you were able to visit and hopefully we will see you again soon. Also, love that someone thought G was your sister... Weird!


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