Turn that frown UPSIDE down!

September 25, 2013

I have a lot of complaints floating around in my head most of the time.  Not that I dwell on them but at any given moment I could rattle off a few things that I am unhappy with.  So today, I am listing off those "unhappies" and then doing my best to put a positive spin on them!

The complaint that comes to my mind the most often is our current housing situation.  If you're new to the blog here is the situation.  We sold our first home in a month but had no house to move into.  My mom and step dad own a house in the area we want to buy so they let us move in there since they don't plan to move in until they're retired.  I always want people to know we are not bums, we have the money to buy, we are constantly looking but it is just SO hard!  It's hard to live in someone else's home and have most of your things in storage.  It's hard to feel settled.  BUT let's focus on the positives.  We don't pay their mortgage (but we do pay the utilities), we're close to Georgia's school and all our/her friends, we're close to so many family members, we are learning more about what we like/don't like in a home, we love this neighborhood and our neighbors, we are so much closer to our church, we have no closet space so I can't waste money on new clothes, this isn't my house so I don't waste money on decor, and we sold our house so quickly that we were able to move in the first place.

Along those same lines.  We've seen four houses that just aren't the one and we tried to look at one particular house but it went off the market before we got the chance.  This is all incredibly frustrating BUT that means that there is one that's even better suited for us our there.  Somewhere.  We just have to wait for it to go on the market!

I give my iphone 4 a lot of grief (Mainly because it sucks.  Droid is the way to go.  Besides that they get apps later.  I've played with my mom's iphone 5c and I still have beef with them.)  ONE perk to iphones (ok, I like photostream too.  But that's it!) is how easy you can get cases.  Case in point (pun intended) get iphone cases for 50% off right now on Vista Print.  I just broke my Otterbox (and don't have the box it came in so I can't send it back to get a free one) so I'll be ordering one soon on Vista Print.  How cute will my phone be with G's sweet face on it?!  But, it expires Friday so I better get a move on!  (This complaint bugs my husband the MOST of all!)

I've been SOOO frustrated lately with making my header and sidebar image.  I would make them in PicMonkey or Photoshop Elements, they would look fine, they would be the correct size pixels, but when I would upload them they would get grainy and the whites would look gray-ish.  I decided to save the files as png instead of jpeg and BOOM.  Grain is gone!  YAY!  It's the little things people (although I still need to work on all the jumbledness over there) 

Phew...that feels better!  Looks like I don't like house hunting or modern technology ;)


stephanie said...

It is really rough to be in a place of transition. But I am sure your perfect house is just waiting and I can't wait to see what it will look like.

Tami said...

I love your positive spin and all of your "complaints!" I hear you on the housing. It's so hard to be in the waiting phase and that unsettled feeling is terrible! I hope you guys are able to find something soon!

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

You are so positive! Everything will all work out! And it's good to not settle for something you aren't absolutely in love with!

Lyndsey said...

We are in a big waiting phase right now too and it's so hard! I have never been the most patient person ever, but I have been learning to be whether I like it or not. It will be worth it in the end!

Cecilly said...

How in the world did you break your otterbox?? i've dropped mine a thousand times :)

Danavee said...

My friends and I have the iphone/droid debate all the time! I'm the only one with a droid.......they are trying to sway me! I'm glad to hear your opinion!

And I'm gonna follow you. :)


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