Monday Randoms

September 16, 2013

Just a few randoms for this Monday morning!

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1.  I'm one of those that likes to shop for Christmas gifts year round.  On facebook I saw an ad for Screaming Owl for little girl bubble necklaces for 4.99 which is WAY cheap for those.  The cheapest I've seen them is for $20 but they've even been as high as like...$40!  Anyhow, I snatched up the top left and the bottom left and Georgia will be getting them for Christmas.  I KNOW she's going to be just so excited!  Sadly, they no longer have this deal :(

2.  I feel like such an adult.  I don't often buy makeup.  It just isn't my thing but I'm trying to get better.  Now that I stay home full time I'm really trying to get dressed  When Jonathan comes home from work I don't want him to feel that I've just lounged all day...I want to look nice and pretty for him but also for me too.  Anyhow, I got suggestions for new lipstick and mascara and off to Ulta I went.  Felt so fancy ;)  I got Loreal Colour Riche Balm (plush plum) and Maybelline Falsies (black).  So far I'm liking them.

3.  My brother and sister in law have been out of town all week.  My mom watched their kids over the weekend so we had a lot of family time.  Georgia just adores her cousins Cooper and Molly Kate.  They are two of her most favorite people ever!

4.  We had our sweet little neighbor over for a cute little pizza play date (I can't stand the term play date but I've yet to come up with something better!).  These little blondies had a great time "cooking" that afternoon.

5.  Jonathan and I FINALLY found a house we liked so we marched off to get preapproved.  Something we had been meaning to do but just never got around to it.  Well, after we got home the house that had been on the market for a YEAR suddenly was gone.  Yeah, so if that's not a sign that it's not for us I don't know what is.  Sometimes it feels like we'll never find THE ONE!  This is how we feel about the entire process.

6.  And a big weight off my shoulders (sarcasm) this week...I reorganized my Pinterest boards.  So, yeah.  Kind of a waste of time but kind of not.  I just really needed a separate board for dinners and desserts ;)


Kelli said...

House shopping sucks, big time. Y'all are doing good by staying picky! You won't be disappointed when you finally find THE one.

Rebecca said... dreaded. Hoping I can continue to enjoy the one we are in! Good luck.

Tami said...

I really don't wear lipstick but I bought that lipstick/balm as well and I really like it! Sorry to hear about the house! House hunting is so stressful!! I really need to do something with my pinterest boards. I have so many pins!

Megan C said...

Love that "playdate" idea! We should come up with a different name soon. And sorry about the home thing, hopefully you will find something soon!

Melanie said...

Haha..I had to laugh out loud when I read that you reorganized your pinterest boards! I did the same thing (desserts/main dishes) about a year ago on mine..that takes some serious time to do!! Like your new header too btw!

deborah said...

At least you KNOW the house wasn't for you at this time, even if it is discouraging.

The pizzas and play time look like super fun!

I renamed and did some organizing on my Pinterest boards a few weeks ago. I can seem silly, but I'd been wanting to do it and it just felt nice to have it done.

The Modest Mom blog is hosting a get-dressed every day challenge right now and is reading the e-book Frumps to Pumps. Just thought of it when you mentioned getting dressed every day!

aka Bailey said...

Those little necklaces are adorable! I love that colorful one in the top left. I wish my niece was a little older so I could get her something like this :) My current favorite drugstore mascara is The Rocket by Maybelline.



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