September 13, 2013

The days and weeks are just flying by here.

We're still doing well with school, although we did have our first tears this week.  A friend called an informed me that she was over it within minutes.

 Dance is still a highlight of the week.  She isn't the most promising student but we're having fun with it ;)  Although she is the youngest in the class and the only one in the class who was not in the mommy and me class the year before.

We've been going to Starbucks often.

 Lots of playing outside despite the Houston area heat and humidity!

Outside play means scrub downs every night!

 Focusing on learning new things.  I asked her to color the circles.

 Used our Zoo membership with our neighbors :)

Lots of beautiful sunsets.

SOOO much family time!

Attended a surprise engagement party for one of my very best friends in Dallas.  The guy proposed and then brought her to his parents house where her family and a few close friends were waiting.  It was so much fun!

Being used as a pillow while waiting for the big evening!

An at home hair cut and lots and lots of dress up!

I can't believe we've already lived in Conroe over 3 months!


Tami said...

Emerson is also the youngest in her dance class- there are even a few four year olds! I think people expect more of her because of her size and how she talks- they don't realize that she is JUST two! I'm sure the same happens with Georgia!

Erika said...

She is so cute!! I can't wait to have a little girl to take to dance classes:)


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