Summer Travels

September 12, 2013

This has been the first summer (excluding the summer we got married) where Jonathan has had an adequate amount of time off.  I LOVE to travel and explore but it just has not been happening as much as I would like because of his busy work schedule.

Now, going into his second year as an assistant principal he finally had a decent amount of time off during the summer.  He still had to go out of town once for work but it's usually more than that in the summers so this one was so nice.

Before we had Georgia we made a goal to take a BIG trip once a year.  We did San Fransisco, Jamaica, Portugal, and Spain.  Since her birth we've only done family focused trips, which is fine, but I've just been needing something more!  We got married right after graduation at 22 and then had Georgia before our 3 year anniversary so I feel like we're finally hitting a stride again where it's easier to be on the go with a little one.  And, ALL our family is in Texas with a few extended family members in Louisiana so we don't really have a family excuse to travel.

Texas Anniversary Trip
-Our first trip where we both left Georgia overnight!-

John Mayer
-While not a trip, it was 15 minutes from our house, it was a great date night so it's going on the list because those are rare!-

Texas Family Trip
-This trip was just 2 weeks after our other TX vaca but this time all the kids came along-

Dallas Girl's Trip
 -Jonathan didn't go but he was able to stay home with G so that was a plus!-

Gulf Shores Family Vacation
-We do this one every year so it's our fall back vaca if we can't book any others-

Nottoway Plantation
-Yes, this is the same trip as Gulf Shores but it was like a little getaway inside a getaway!-

Surprise Dallas Trip
-We went to Dallas for a surprise engagement party.  This is us waiting on her to get to the party!-

Booked Boston!
-AND, we're not going in the summer but I did book it in the summer so I just had to add it to the list.  Only one month away!  I have to miss Baylor Homecoming for this so you know it's a BIG deal!  We're trying to make it a priority to travel more so we're looking into other months besides the summer months when it's a little cheaper to go!-

Also, we should be headed to Waco soon...this month or the next.  Jonathan's sister is moving there with her family and to most people Waco sounds BLAH but to me...I'm up to visit Waco/Baylor any time!!!

Happy travels!


Lyndsey said...

Ooh Boston will be so fun! We didn't take a real vaca at ALL this summer, but we are looking into some off-season trips as well - cheaper is better and less crowded! Boo for missing Homecoming again this year though!

emily said...

What a busy summer! The family shot of you guys is beautiful!


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