The Powell House

November 15, 2013

I always think it's fun to learn about the "normal" day to day things that go on in a house hold that you, living in that house, never really think about.  I never really think about them until I have house guests or am a guest myself and either your routine is off or you see other people's routine.  Kind of strange.  Kind of boring.  But kind of interesting, right?  So, instead of random Emily facts this is kind of random Powell Family facts.

1.  We don't watch sports at our house.  Like, we just don't.  Unless Baylor is playing and then we watch that...but that's it.  And even then, it's only football.  Also, let me add it's not that I don't let Jonathan watch sports he just doesn't like to watch them that much.  Coaching for 4 years totally burned him out.  He prefers to watch shows about guns.

2.  Jonathan cooks every single meal in our house and we both clean the kitchen but I don't like wet food so he handles all that.  Even when Jonathan comes home from work Georgia is like, "Daddy, go make my dinner!"  It cracks me up when she does things that make her look like a little mini me ;)

3.  I clean nearly the entire house, do all the laundry, balance the check book, and even pick up all the dog poop in the back yard.  So, if points one and two make you think the whole house revolves around me...think again!  I do my share!

4.  I do laundry every Friday and Jonathan takes Georgia grocery shopping every Friday (or if he works late on Friday then they go Saturday morning.)

5.  Jonathan does bath time and bed time every night.  During this time I clean and straighten every thing that tornado Georgia got into during the day.

6.  Georgia wakes up and watches one or two shows and when she gets up from her nap she watches one or two shows.  Then I cut her off for the day.  The girl is addicted to the TV.  It's bad y'all.

7.  EVERYONE knows we're addicted to frozen yogurt.  People always joke that I'm always checking in on Facebook to the yogurt place.  Well, it's good AND when you check in you get 10% off.  So, leave me alone.  It's yummy ;)

8.  Jonathan and I don't drink that much.  He likes beer and I like wine BUT you know why we don't drink that much?  Because I rather have my calories in a cake or candy.  Jonathan, well he likes peanut butter and cinnamon rolls...and coffee.  I prefer to eat my calories than drink them.

9.  Jonathan and I are not that couple that can go to a wedding and dance the night away.  I would LOVE to be that couple but my husband has two left feet and can't find a beat.  Like literally, if his life depended on it he couldn't dance his way out of a paper bag.  It's bad.

10.  I've mentioned this before but I get dressed and straighten the house before Jonathan gets home from work.  Not because he cares and not to get him to notice all that I did during the day (and looked good doing it) but just because I like to.  I usually clean G up as well and put her in something cute.

11.  Georgia and I usually wear two outfits a day.  She usually wears three.  I do a lot of laundry.

12.  We're not perfect.  Jonathan and I argue.  We've been together 13 years and I think it would be a little odd if we didn't.  We're so reversed though.  He wants to talk it out and I just want to be silent.  If I'm not silent I may say something I regret.  Sad but very true.  In my defense I'm the youngest of three and have two older brothers so I'm more than a little feisty.  My brother worded it as "revenge-full" before.  Kind of true...

13.  I'm have a lot of introvert tendencies but I married a huge extrovert.  If it were up to J he would have dinner parties every single night.

14.  Shows we/I watch at our house:  The Walking Dead, Chasing Nashville, Abby Lee shows, New Girl, Duck Dynasty, and Parenthood.  I also watch old Sex and the City and Friends while G naps.

15.  Jonathan and I workout in the living room almost every night.  Well he does, I run more than I workout with him.

16.  I rarely make the bed.  I just hate doing it.  I straighten in before I get in at night but that's about it.  So, if you're a guest at my house and all our beds are's because I knew you were coming over.

17.  For fun I don't like to go to the movies unless it's just something I'm dying to see.  We like to go to art museums, dinner, or starbuck.  We like going to concerts or seeing live music but not musicals or plays.  We also like to ride our bikes or go on walks and have people over for dinner.

18.  I like to go shopping and decorate.  I love taking and editing pictures.  Jonathan likes to go shoot, hunt, and cook.

19.  Jonathan and I are so not on the same internal clock.  If it were up to me I would be asleep at 9:30 while Jonathan likes to stay up past midnight.  I need lots of sleep and he's good with 6 hours.

20.  I'm the saver and Jonathan is the spender.  Usually.  I feel like that's backwards. for me and my house, we will serve the Lord
Joshua 24:15


Tami said...

This was so fun to read!! I don't think I knew a lot of these things about y'all even though I've been reading your blog for so long. I love that Jonathan does the grocery shopping. That is seriously one of my most dreaded tasks. Maybe once Jesse is better I can convince him to take it on! :)

cait said...

Love this post- may need to do something similar! :) We don't watch sports in home either (except our Wildcats during bball season). I try to clean up every evening after bedtime too, bc I love to wake up to a clean house! ;) Toddler tornado is exactly what it is!


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