Christmas Kick-off!

December 18, 2013

What better way to kick off this festive time of year than with a very festive Christmas wardrobe!?

Jonathan's mom wanted her grandkids to recreate the nativity scene.  Needless to say it was less than successful.  I just had to keep this funny picture of Jonathan and his sister :)

We've done a few Christmas photoshoots!

Waiting for Santa three years in a row!

Decorated the Christmas tree and topped it with an angel Georgia made.

Went to visit Santa

We saw Point of Grace at our church, finished wrapping all our gifts, and watched The Snowman on dvd.

Went to Santa's Wonderland

Made some cookies :)

Let Georgia explore some real Christmas trees...and she LOVED it!

tis the season y'all!


Tami said...

Her Christmas wardrobe is precious and I'm super impressed at all of the fun stuff y'all have done this year. I can't believe Christmas is only a week away and I feel like there is so much we didn't do yet. I love that y'all tried to recreate the manger scene. I can only imagine how that went! ;)

Nina said...

Adorable. I love the christmas outfits and the home-made angel for the tree! I'm going to do this with P! She's been asking all month but, with everything that has happened with our family we weren't able to do it yet.

Beth Ann said...

I love that "waiting on Santa" sequence. Soooo precious. All her outfits are adorable but that sweater in those last pics is killing me.... SO CUTE!

Melanie said...

How on earth do you get Georgia to smile and pose so well for pictures?!?!?! Love her in that white hat!

Pamela said...

Ahhhh, so much FUN STUFF! I want her wardrobe, ha! So stylish!

Megan C said...

She is just precious!! I love that picture of her by the tree in that fun pose like she is singing at a concert!


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