Georgia's Gift Guide

December 17, 2013

Most of Georgia's gifts this year were from the Disney store, but not all.  Also, we had to keep in mind that we had limited space because the house we are living in is not ours AND we would be moving soon.  So, any gifts we bought would need to be packed and moved.

We bought 4 disney figurine sets (all on sale at the time), Merida doll (on clearance), Madeline book, two necklaces (one shown - online sale), two Disney dolls (buy one get one free), and a Minnie Mickey car and road set.  The doll house shelf was 10$ at an antique store that we spray painted for her Disney figures.

Then, there is her stocking!

We bought her 6 Disney DVDs.  We are apart of the Disney movie club so we purchased 7 DVDs for 21$!!!  Then, I got her 1$ stickers from the Target Dollar Spot, two dollar bracelets from Old Navy, high heel ornament, the binoculars and bubbles were on clearance from Barnes and Noble, and a pair of high heels from Big Lots.

She's going to be so pumped on Christmas morning!


Tami said...

Y'all got a great deal on that dollhouse shelf! It is so cute! It looks like E and G are into a lot of the same things. What a fun Christmas this will be!

Natalie said...

fun! Looks like you guys scored some good deals, too!


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