Christmas Time Recap

January 2, 2014

This is a SUPER long holiday packed post.  I'm documenting all of this for me so I didn't want to skip anything :)

Christmas Kid's Party

Our church hosts a Kid's Christmas party every year.  They had so much fun!

I didn't get a picture of any of the fun crafts and activities but G had a blast!

She got to decorate her own cookie!

Our annual in front of the tree picture.  My hair isn't fixed and Georgia wouldn't smile but ya know...

Christmas Eve

After the service we decorated cookies for Santa at my brother's house and did our gift exchange.

My SIL lets her kids buy everyone's gifts at the dollar store and they get to pick them out themselves.  My nephew got my brother a cowboy hat and my niece got Jonathan a green pumpkin...she got me Styrofoam plates :)  They were very proud of their choices.

Picture before we left to go to church.  Sorry, these are out of order.

G figured out she can fit inside a gift bag!

Setting out the reindeer food and cookies and milk for Santa.

Santa came!

Christmas Day
I set our video camera up on a tri pod every Christmas and I didn't get my big camera out ONCE on Christmas day this year!  WOW!  Kind of disappointed but also kind of don't care.  J took this one on my phone and clearly it's blurry.  So, I have all our memories on video for our little family.  Georgia kept saying, "oh, this is mine?  Is this mine too?" #onlychildproblems

Christmas w/ The Powells
Didn't take many pictures this day either.  Jonathan's sister came into town so we celebrated with that side of the fam as well.

Cuddling with her cousin Zakary.

Dress up!

She looked so cute!  I was so over Christmas clothes by this point.  This was the 27th so I was just done.

New Year's Eve

My mom and step dad babysat Georgia for a few hours along with my nephew so Jonathan could go out to dinner.  They took the kids out too.  

We went to PF Chang's and then grabbed a few cupcakes.  Super yummy.

Then, we headed back to get the kids.  G and Coop get along so well.  Partly their age difference (she's 2 and he's in kinder) and partly that they don't live together.  We didn't leave until 9.  You can guess where her knee ended up by the look on his face ;)

New Year's Day

My mom cooked dinner at my brother's house and we had a small family dinner.  I guess I didn't take any pictures this day either.  The food was so good we didn't have any leftovers :)


Pamela said...

Love that white skirt on you! Looks like yall had a wonderful Christmas! :)

Tami said...

Y'all got some cute family pictures! We completely failed at getting a picture of the three of us and I'm still bummed about it.

Megan C said...

Love that outfit with the white skirt!


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