Life Update!

January 1, 2014

Date Night

I rushed around all day making sure everything in the house was in order.  Laundry, dishes, check book, and bills...I did it all.  Jonathan got home early and then my mom and step dad came over to spend the night so they could babysit.  Jonathan planned an awesome date night.  He even brought me flowers :)

I got all dressed up and we first headed to Starbucks.  I even painted my nails.  That's how excited I was to go out.  After waiting in a lot of traffic we made it to Main Street America.  It's a model home type set up with 12 model homes that are open to the public year round.  When you buy tickets to go they rent you a tablet (not an ipad but along those lines).  The tablet can scan any item in any of the houses (paint color, floor, fixtures, anything...) and it saves it to a wish list for you and then emails the list.  This was so perfect for me because we're in the process of buying a house that we will be remodeling.  Then, they have a restaurant on site.  Jonathan made reservations and it was yummy!  We did six houses, went to eat, and then saw the last six houses.  We had the best time!

Alone Time/Family Time

Jonathan went to a gun show with his dad.  He drove to his parents house and then rode with his dad.  So, his mom offered to watch Georgia.  Of course I said yes and then I had the whole house and the whole day to myself.  I love being busy and being out and about but I have to have a good balance.  When life gets busy (like around the holidays) I have to take a step back and relax.  It was awesome!

When my little family came home we went to Subway and then to a neighborhood winter wonderland.  This is just a family's home.  The guy who owns the house was directing traffic and handing out candy canes.  It was fun!

Hanging out

We've also just been laying low and hanging out as a family.  It's been awesome.  Time has really gotten away from me but that's totally a good thing.  Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, photography sessions, and buying a house we've been so SO busy!

Running in shorts in December.  Gotta love Texas ;)

Watching the Nutcracker together

Eating yogurt and touching a frog!

Hiding in her cousin's bed

Bought a new sofa!

I'm slooooowly catching up!  Holiday posts coming next!


Melanie said...

Love the neighborhood lights!! Makayla would LOVE that!!

Kristin said...

Your hair looks great in the date night pictures! That sounds like a date my brother & his wife would enjoy. :)


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