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January 22, 2014

Our recent life scheduling has been busy (for us) to say the least.  It's fun and chaotic and I'm still trying to find my happy medium.  I have to have a nice balance or I'll feel totally swamped or really lonely.  Since the New Year we've been pretty busy.  So, just in case you wanted a break down of what I've been doing for the past two it is ;)

Sunday Jan 5th
Dinner with my brother's family.  We're so spoiled and blessed to live near family.

Baked "fried" pickles

Monday Jan 6th
Dinner with Lisa and Ethan at our house.  Again, so spoiled and blessed to live near such wonderful friends.

Tuesday Jan 7th
Dinner at Lisa and Ethan's house.  Jonathan was working late so she cooked for me.  She knows I don't cook ;)

Wednesday Jan 8th
Dinner with Megan and Paul.  My college roomate.  Again, did I say how spoiled and blessed we are to live in this town?  Family, new friends, and old friends too :)

Thursday Jan 9th
Get into our "new" house for the first time.  We're "leasing" our new house for free right now.  It's not as wonderful as it sounds.  Details soon.  But, we're not living there.  Just FYI.

Camillia from one of the three camillia plants in our yard

Friday Jan 10th
Mall play with Ethan and Lisa.  Our usual friday play date with Ethan.  His mom Lisa is literally the easiest person to talk to.  I've known her since May but it feels like forever.

Dinner with the Atkinsons.  Love these friends.  Zoe and Georgia have been friends since the time we became pregnant with them.

Saturday Jan 11th

Sunday Jan 12th
Dinner with most of my family.  It's a must.  At our house this time but my brother cooked.  Super yummy.

Monday Jan13th
MOPS at 10.  Still growing our program.

Register Georgia for school.  So stressful for me.
Dance mom's night out.  My new ballet class mom friends.  Such a fun group of women and so easy to talk to.

Tuesday Jan 14th
Dinner with my brother's family.  They knew they would cook too much so they had us over ;)

Wednesday Jan 15th
Dinner with my brother's family because we visited our grandmother at the hospital.  She had hip replacement surgery.

Thursday Jan 16th
Endocrinoligist appointment (thyroid).  Womp womp.

Friday Jan 17th
Girl friends in town.  So, SO good for the soul.  We never seem to take any pictures.

Saturday Jan 18th
Ethan's 3rd Birthday Party

Claire's 3rd Birthday Party
Continue to hang out with my girls in town for the weekend.

Sunday Jan 19th
Go to my friend Megan's baby dedication for her son, Seth
Celebrate Christmas with my Dad

Monday Jan 20th
Jonathan has off of work :) :) :)

Visit my nanny at the rehibilitation hospital and have lunch with my mom and aunt

Tuesday Jan 21st
MOPS planning meeting
Go visit Nanny and get her tucked in for the night

See, the Powells have been busy!  So busy I haven't taken many pictures on my phone or camera.

And, this weekend I have this!  You should snag a spot if you live in the area :)

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