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January 24, 2014

Before we get started I have 100% permission to write this.  I asked my brother first ;)

Ok, here is AUSTIN!  

One of my wonderful older brothers (We're only 19 months apart.  I was an *oops*).  He is 29 and will be 30 in March. (He doesn't have "age" issues either so he doesn't mind dating women who are a few years older than him.)

A few basics.  He's in medical sales.  (He's super successful in that area and could literally sell anything) Attends church regularly.  Has a degree in Spanish and is fluent.  Very much an auditory learner hence the degree.  The best dimples ever.

(Obviously you can tell he doesn't take himself too seriously from these pictures.  Most of these pictures were taken while he insisted we do a beach photoshoot)

Graduated from The Citadel in Charleston.  Huge rugby fan and player.  Played in college for the South Carolina team.  Currently lives in Dallas but will be moving in a few months back to the Houston area. (YAY!)  Likes to hunt and do "boy" things.  Owns a sailboat and knows how to sail.  Like to ride his bike.  Always making people laugh.

When you think of a good time, Austin pops into your head.  He's an awesome dancer and likes to go out and have fun.  Not shy AT ALL.  He's such a people person and very social.  From what I've heard growing up he's been like that since he was very young.  Life of the party type of person for sure. 

(Any time he sees the camera he has to strike a pose.)

He's just funny.  Always joking around.  Buys all his nieces and nephews good Christmas presents and bought them the sweetest vacation gifts this past year.  Kites for the beach.

Austin is an amazingly awesome person and his family isn't half bad either!

Leave a comment or email me at if you want to know more about Austin!


Hanging with Holly:) said...

Love the pics! And that BEACH!!! OMW! Seems like a nice guy:) #48

King Amy said...

Hi Emily,

I would love to meet your brother! I am 30 and live in the Heights Houston, but originally from Dallas.

Love going to the Lake, country dancing and Texas Tech Football! :)

Amy4four7 at hot mail dot com

Sarah said...

Hi Emily,

I am number 69 on Kelly's blog. Email is

DeAnna said...

Hi, my sister-in-law, Ashley, lives in West Tennessee. It is a little distance from your brother, but I think they might enjoy chatting! She's number 46 :)

Kayla C. Burns said...

Looks like a great guy, if only I was a little bit older! Hopefully he will find the perfect person for him :)

Bailey said...

Hi Emily!

You're brother seems like a total ham, I love it!
I'm Bailey, from OKC, but lived in Dallas for 7 years of my life.
Just a few months younger than your brother, single, foster mom, regular church goer....anyway, I'd love to chat with him
bailey dot huntsman at alumni dot oc dot edu

cougarhoogs said...

Hi Emily! I just saw that you commented on my post. I was JUST about to come comment on yours! Austin looks like so much fun and my sister, Allison, has a great sense of humor too. Maybe we could make this work??? ;)
Her email is ajh2288 at sbcglobal dot net.
Side note: I have to confess I've read your blog for awhile. Your little girl is a few weeks younger than my son. :)

Amy said...

Hey, tell your brother to check out #72. Love that dimple!!


Cat Singleton said...

My sister, Kenley, is number 77 from Arkansas! I would love to get her & Austin in touch with each other!

Leanne@lifehappenswhen said...

Check out my friend Brandy, #44 on the link up!

Sara said...

Hi! I'm Sara and I'm #24. Definitely long distance, but who knows?!

Katherine said...

Hi Emily!

I sent you an email--I'd love to chat with your brother sometime!

Everything's Coming up Roses said...

Hey Emily! Just saw your Link-Up on Kelly's Corner - I sent you an email but wanted to post on your blog too! too cute!

Sarah E @ said...

Hi Emily,
I am sending an email, but also wanted to comment. I have a friend that seemed interested when I showed her your post. I would have posted about her but didn't get my act together in time! I'll email you with more info!
Thanks! Sarah :-)


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