Year End Survey

January 7, 2014

2013 Highlight Reel!

Biggest event of the year:
Sold our house and in the process of buying another!


TX road trip 1

TX road trip 2

Gulf Shores



Biggest Accomplishment:
Officially starting my photography business
{follow along HERE}

One picture to sum up your year:

Biggest area of growth:
Patience.  For sure.  It took us over a year to sell our house (from the first time it went on the market) and then another seven months to find the perfect house for us.  And now the process of buying this home is going less than perfect.  God has s l o w l y been working on this in me and I'm just starting to get there.  Selling and buying a house is just one of many things this year that has taught me to take a step back and try to let go of control.

Sold our first home
Celebrated 5 years of marriage

Looking forward to in 2014:
Moving into our new house
Making Georgia a big girl room

Going to L.A.

Happy 2014 EVERYONE!


Tami said...

Y'all have had an awesome year! I hate that the home selling/buying process has been such a pain but I'm so glad you finally found "the one!" I look forward to following along as y'all make it your own!

Lyndsey said...

I'm guessing that means closing still hasn't happened :( I'm with you on the patience thing - I think that's what God's been teaching me this past year too and it's still SO hard! Hopefully things will start moving along soon :)

Megan C said...
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Megan C said...

I made your highlight reel!!! Love how you put this together... I tend to steal your ideas so I might be stealing this one too! Always an inspiration!


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