What Georgia Wore - Valentine's Day

February 18, 2014

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We LOVE our Holiday fashion at this house.

We rocked this gold headband a lot.  I won't say where I bought it because I'm not happy with the purchase.  It's since broken twice and the gold leaf one I bought broke twice as well.  :(

We paired the headband with a "mice holding hearts" shirt.  Shirt is Carter's from Kohl's.

We wore a lot of PINK.  Dress and belt are Matilda Jane, pants are from Canton, TX, the sweater is from Target, and the shoes are Ebay.

The top is Matilda Jane and the pants are Georgia Grace.  Shoes are LelliKelly.

Necklace is from Screaming Owl.  Top and belt are Matilda Jane.  Pants are Georgia Grace.  Shoes are LelliKelly.

We wore purple too.  The sweater is from Target.  Dress was a hand me down.  Pants are Matilda Jane and the shoes are from The Gap.

Sweater is from Target.  Dress is from WalMart.  Tights were hand me downs.  Boots were from Gap outlet.

Dress and tights are LeTop.

Top was a hand me down.  Pants listed above.  Shoes were hand me downs.

Sweater and pants listed above.  Skirt was a gift.  Shirt and headband were also a gift.  Her shirt says, "Daddy says I can't date until I'm 30"

The shirt, I had it made.  The pants were custom made and a hand me down.  The puffer vest was a gift and from Old Navy.  Shoes are LelliKelly.

Her flower bow was a gift.  The dress is actually on loan from a friend.  She bought it but it was too big for her daughter this season.  Sweater is Ralph Lauren.

On Valentine's Day for our play date with Ethan she wore this to the park.  Headband is listed up top and so is the shirt.  The sweater is a Target hand me down.  The pants and belt are Matilda Jane.  The shoes are Bear Feet hand me downs.

She had a Valentine's date with Daddy planned.  Her headband is from HEB (of all places).  Her shirt is Carters and I think her pants are Lolly Wolly Doodle.  Her unseen shoes are LelliKelly.  Pocahontas is from the Disney store ;)

And, just because I'm obsessed with her and love her to itty bitty pieces!


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