Georgia - 3 Months Until 3

February 17, 2014

Georgia my dear, you are 3/4 of the way to three.

While playing at the park a few days ago someone asked you when your birthday was and you said, "it's in three months".  I guess I told you that at one point and you remembered.  You're such a smart girl.

Here's a little glimpse into what you're like a little before 3.

You weigh 33 pounds.  You are in size 3 clothes for the most part.  A size 8 or 9 shoe.  You sleep 7:30-7:30.  You nap from 12:30-2:30 or longer although you  rarely nap at school.  You're still a very good eater and are in love with milk.  Potty training is still good.  I say you are about 90% potty trained.  During the day you are 100% but nap time and bedtime are no where close and I'm ok with that.  You can't help if you go in your sleep.

You say the funniest things.  All the time.  You crack me up.

You told me you were "just doing gymnastics" while bending over naked in the bathroom with your foot on the wall.
You also told me that, "it would be ok" one time when I was angry and patted me on the shoulder.
Speaking of, you love to give "pat pats" on the back and give kisses
You also tell me all the time, "Momma, can I say something crazy?" (From Frozen)

You're really into emotions and making us act out those faces.  "Momma, do irritated."  "Momma, make a sad face."  Momma, be surprised!"

You LOVE the movie Frozen.  Obsessed.  You love to play outside and go on walks or "runs".

You learn new things all the time and love knowing what letters different words start with.  You are very interested in words, writing, and books.

You love to entertain and are so silly.  You stand on the fireplace and pretend it's your stage and sing.  You are a people person and so friendly.  Everyone is your friend.  You are so loving!

It's impossible to bottle up your personality into one small post.  Can't believe we're 3 months out from 3 years old.  I love you sweet girl!


John Dupuis said...


Melanie said...

Time is going by too fast with our little ones!!

Kristin said...

She's just previous!!


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