Other Birthday Things

May 22, 2014

School Celebration
On Tuesday we celebrated Georgia's birthday at school although it wasn't until Saturday.  I made rainbow cupcakes (and used left over toppers from her party last year) and she wore a pretty smocked birthday dress.  So cute.

Then, on Thursday she wore her THREE shirt since it was closer to her birthday but another student was celebrating his birthday that day...that's why we did hers on Tuesday.  It actually worked out well because Thursday was a super complicated day and I wouldn't have been able to make it.

Family Day
Total she had two birthday breakfasts.  Not sure which picture is her actual birthday.

Then, we all got dressed and headed to The Aquarium Downtown Houston.  (It's a restaurant not a real aquarium).  All of this was on Friday, the day before her birthday.  And of course I left my good camera at home.  It happens.  This weekend was just crazy ridiculous in general.

Clearly, she loved the tigers ;)

We rode the train and Georgia loved it.

The train stopped under the aquarium and she was obviously tired.  Poor thing.

And, we rode the ferris wheel.

And, the carosel.

We splashed last.  She slipped and fell and sliced her toe open.  We didn't realize until Jonathan was holding her.  Blood all over her and him.  Such a mess.

Then she fell asleep in the car.  She never does this.  Ever.  So funny.

That night, Jonathan put our two year old to bed for the last time :(

Her Birthday
On her actual birthday she was so excited to open her present.  Two custom made Frozen dresses.

She also loved her roller skating gear and Elsa towel from my mom and step dad.  My mom's friend made the towel for Georgia...how cute is it?!

I tried very hard to get a good Three Year Interview with Georgia but this was all I could get.  The last few questions she's over it and acting so silly.


Tami said...

Awww! I love the interview- I'm totally doing this with Em. And I have to say they remind me of each other so much. Two peas in a pod for sure!

Megan said...

Sounds like a great birthday celebration!


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