When Your Child Sleeps in a Closet

May 27, 2014

I got to my breaking point the other day with the fact that we don't own a house and are living in a house my mom and step dad own.  Georgia sleeps in a closet because the room that was meant to be Georgia's is SUPER bright and airy (very pretty) but my child likes to sleep in the dark and my mom wouldn't let me put up window treatments.  Which, I totally understand...I've been known to damage a few (a lot) walls.  So our solution, thinking we would be here just a few months, was to stick her in the closet.  Obviously she doesn't mind and has a playroom all her own but enough was enough for me.

Here is what she's lived with for a year now.  The mark on the wall is where we removed a shelf she enjoyed climbing on.  That was my number one issue.  Covering that mark.  It's so sad huh?

I grabbed my trusty tool box and a lot of the items I've been collecting for Georgia's Big Girl room (and a lot of my mom's lace curtains I found in the linen cabinet) and got to work.  I took these pictures with my phone.  It was easier because of the tight angles.

It was a huge hit!

Here she is seeing it for the first time.  This part of the house is a total mess because of our total lack of storage (this house wasn't empty when we moved our stuff in) but her little closet "Big Girl Room" is just prefect and makes her and I so happy.

And PS we tried to buy two houses in the past few days...both already had offers (to make a long story short) so it didn't work out.  Super dissapointed about the entire thing.  That makes seven houses (6 rounds of paper work) that have fallen through in a year.


Lyndsey said...

oh my gosh, that video is the cutest!

I'm sorry two more houses fell through :( We may be at our in-laws house a year too with the houses that are on the market right now (all blah) and at the rate we make decisions...

Jessica said...

You did a lovely job transforming the closet into a big girl room!!

Beth Ann said...

Adorable video. Love how she got in and snuggled up! :) Sorry about the house hunting troubles, beyond frustrating. I hope the best one for you guys is just around the corner!

Inspired said...

I'm a new reader - thanks to Callie at Through Clouded Glass! I LOVE what you did with her "closet room." It's wonderful and a great solution. We live in a small home and I'm always so torn on how limited the space is for our boys. I turned our hallway into a "Play way" (instead of a playroom) so they have a space just for playing. :)

I haven't done a recent/updated post but here it is when I first started.


Megan said...

What a great transformation! You did an amazing job of creating a beautiful space. I love how she just climbed right in the bed and cuddled up. She clearly loves it!

Ashleigh said...

You did a wonderful job!


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