More Letter Days

June 5, 2014

-Ok, so this post got lost in my drafts among other things and I just rediscovered it. Clearly, my child is now three but here are some things we did this past fall while she was still two.-

We did letters A-C in order, then we moved onto D but then I just started to go with what opportunities came up.  I mean, she already knows the alphabet song so she knows ABC order so there really isn't any reason to go in order.  I'm trying to focus on the lower case letters (since she knows capitals) and the letter sounds.

I try to pick a theme that Georgia will remember.  So, I kind of search through several resources and then come up with something that she'll specifically enjoy.  Or, I try to go with something seasonal.

Letter F

Nature hunt

Painting F's with fall colors

Painting rocks

Counting sticks

Collected acorns

Painted leaves

Worked in a few of her work books

Letter P

Princess and Pizza

Princess books

Lots of purple

We practiced letter writing too

We added a pumpkin activity as well to go along with the fall weather.


Megan C said...

You are such a great teacher! I can't wait until I can work with Seth on things like that. I need some ideas for what to do with him at this age for motor skills and such.

Danielle said...

There is a great new show on Nick Jr. called Wallkykazam. Each episode focuses on one letter and words that start with the same letter/sound. Mason really enjoys it, and he is understanding that every letter has its own sound.

Melanie said...

Great ideas!


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