Quick Austin Trip

June 27, 2014

On Friday afternoon I texted Jonathan that I just wanted and needed to get out of town.  A break from home buying and baby "stuff" and to just enjoy our little family of three.  Four days later (thanks to Groupon) we were gone!  Didn't bust out the big camera once.  Too much swimming to do that.

Here is a recap of our quick trip to Austin.  I had been wanting to take an Austin trip to visit some swimming holes and we had a lot of fun doing it.  Few hiccups but fun!

First hiccup was the weather.  Worked in our favor though.  Less people were out :)

Stopped for lunch

On the first day we went to Hamilton Pool.  The water was cloudier than usual because it had just rained.  The temp was 73 and the water temp was 70.  We are having an unusually mild, yet rainy, summer.  The people working there said it was the best day there all year crowds wise so we really lucked out.  Usually there is 1.5 hour wait to just get in because so few people are allowed back there at a time.

After we swam we dried off and changed clothes and went shopping at a few local shops and some chains.  Found some fun items.  Snagged two new dining chairs from World Market for 80$ for the pair...we only were needing two more for our breakfast room.

Then, we went to The Salt Lick.  Sorry, but it wasn't my fav but Jonathan loves it.  And, Georgia fell off of her bench.  Fun.  We drove A LOT this first day.  Thank goodness G is great in the car now and wears her headphones!

Georgia gets super excited about hotels because she doesn't stay in them often.  I'll just be honest, most of the time I rather travel without my child.  I know that sounds terrible but most trips Jonathan and I go on we leave Georgia at home with her grandparents.  When she's older I'm hoping it will be more fun.  Lots of tantrums on this trip.

After sleeping off and on in about 20 minute increments throughout the night we were off to the Barton Springs pool in Austin.  Our hotel room had one queen bed and we bought Georgia a toddler cot.  She hated sleeping with us and she hated the cot.  When she was in bed with us she begged for her own space but when we put her on the cot she couldn't get comfortable.  Needless to say we returned the cot to Walmart.

This was another cold pool and Georgia refused to get in the water because it was so cold.  She screamed and through a fit.  Got a spanking and then rethought her attitude.  But in her defense she had no nap the day before or this day and slept MAYBE 8 hours off and on when she normally gets 12 hours at night so she was lacking a lot of sleep.  Luckily Jonathan bought a huge inflatable float.  We put G on that so she never had to touch the water (DIVA!) and I just swam laps pushing her around.  Good leg and butt workout for me and she entertained everyone we passed.

After we dried off we ate lunch and Jonathan and Georgia rode the park train.  I was very impressed my braid lasted all day swimming!  I cannot stand my hair in my face while I'm swimming.

After the train ride we had some time to kill so we decided to drive around and shop.  This one fell asleep for over an hour in the car.  Finally.  So glad I have the sound machine app on my phone :)

For dinner we went to the food truck meet up and it was super yummy.  This trip we decided to not eat at any chains and only eat local places.  It was fun!

After the previous night we decided we needed to change rooms to get a king (were not any when we made our reservations but got one through a cancellation) just in case G had to sleep with us.  Luckily Jonathan made a "bed" for her on the floor with chair cushions and that did the trick.  Slept all night!  Oh, my sweet girl.

We had planned one more place to visit BUT it was raining and we didn't think Georgia would last through another adventure without a nap so we headed home instead (stopping at a few antique stores on the way home).  She was out within a few seconds of her head hitting her pillow at home.

All in all it was a quick easy trip and we are fully recovered here at home.


Jessica said...

Those swimming holes look amazing and so beautiful!

Megan said...

Barton Springs IS freezing. I was a total wimp when I went there a couple years ago. And I'm with you on not being a huge Salt Lick fan. I definitely think there is WAY better BBQ to be had in Texas, but my husband just can't get enough. Looks like a great little getaway!


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