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July 15, 2014

Since we closed on July 3rd we've been in reno mode ever since.  I have a lot of paint on me as well as sweat but it's well worth it.

Jonathan and I painted all the regular wall ourselves.  Mostly Jonathan.  We paid to have all the wood in the home painted (which was a lot).  All the trim, the wood panelling, the kitchen cabinets, and the bathroom cabinets.  All was painted white except the panelling, that was painted Silver Drop by Behr.

We've done all the yard work ourselves so far.  Still a huge work in progress.  Trying to remove things mainly and just get it clean.

Here is the yard before:

Then, I started cleaning the flower beds...

Then, we cut down the cedar tree.  I'm not a plant hater.  I swear.  I just don't like oddly placed plants.  And, we're having the garage door area turned into one garage door on Thursday!  YAY!  Then, we'll still need shutters, and color, and landscaping.

So, we have a long way to go but we're getting there!  We are still living in the house my mom owns while this is going on.  It's really nice to not have to live in a reno!

Hopefully I will be able to post some great before and afters soon!

Read about our color schemes HERE


Lyndsey said...

Looking great so far! Love your white kitchen!

Melanie said...

It looks great!!! I remember you talking about the roof in another post..I think you called it a lifetime roof? I had never heard of one before..whats it made of??

stephanie said...

Love the power of paint! Especially white paint!


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