Creating A Color Scheme

July 14, 2014

How to create a color scheme using Kuler and Fresh Hues.
{This is not a sponsored post.  I just like these sites.}

Select an image or item that you love the colors of and you can go from there.  When you go to the Kuler website click the camera button on the right to upload your image.

Obviously, these are not all paint colors going on the wall.  They look super colorful but think about the colors being on pillows, frames, and vases.  The walls will be mostly neutral.  And, these images will not neccesarily be in the room.  The colors of the image are just the jumping off point for me.

This is the color scheme for Georgia's room.  For this one I found an image I loved online and went from there.

Here is the color scheme for the living room and breakfast room since the rooms are pretty much one big space. For this room I used the largest colored item in the room.  The area rug and ran from there.  Working with what I have!  I do love this Ethan Allen rug though.

Master bedroom color scheme.  I want this room very neutral and calm.  This painting instantly jumped out at me for our master.  In the master I tend to use feminine prints and design but in more masculine colors.  It's a win win.

I found this premade color scheme here and it fits well with what I want to do in our hall bath.  The tile is beige.  I'm painting all trim and cabinets white and just want to accent with turquoise.  Clean and simple.

Obsessed with the playroom/guest room color scheme.  I just love this painting that I saw on Pinterest (By Erin Gregory).  Jonathan has requested some purple in the house (because it's Georgia's favorite color) so this is where it's going.  As of right now she's the only child and the guest room won't get used too often so it's like Georgia will have two rooms.  Lucky girl.

This room will first serve as a guest room until we have another baby.  Once we do it will turn into a nursery.  Boy or girl the nursery will be blue and white.  If we end up having a girl we will add pink. (The brown on the color scheme is actually gold).

The laundry room and kitchen don't have a door between them right now although they have a doorway.  I guess the owner just took the door down.  Anyhow the two rooms are going to have the same color scheme.  The laundry room and pantry are a large space that I'm going to put my office in as well.  ALL these spaces will share the same colors.  I found this premade color scheme here and love it although most of this space will be white.

This is the formal dining color scheme and it seems really bright but it won't be.  These colors were taken from a print that came from an Anthropologie calender.  I plan on hanging six prints in the dining room in a very symmetrical orderly way.  It was one of my main wish list items for Christmas.  So the prints themselves will add most of the color and probably the upholstery on the seat cushions.

Once I created the color scheme on Kuler I screen "shoted" it and put my image and the screen shot together in photoshop so that's how I merged the two images.  Now that I have all these images I save them on my phone so that when I'm out shopping I can stay focused on what I need.

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stephanie said...

I love this! I always gravitate towards the colors in Georgia's room, it is my favorite.


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