How We Roadtrip

July 9, 2014

Back of the car:  Things we need when we get to our first destination.  On this trip our swim bags were on the outside because we were stopping at a swimming hole before the hotel.  Makes sense right?  And, the potty seat is easiest to get to because if there is not restroom in sight we plop this down on the side of the road and G does her business without any of us getting peed on.

Georgia's window has two suction cup containers (from the bathroom section) that hold a few of her favorite things so she can reach them easily.

Left:  Notice Georgia's iPad holder on the back of the seat and the clean canister that holds our trash can.
Right:  Her basket of toys is next to her car seat so she can reach them and the yellow basket holds our food.  It has a handle so you can easily pick it up and take it where ever for an easy quick picnic.

And, here is our happy traveler.  Blurry but happy :)


Lacey said...

Some awesome ideas here - I've never thought of taking the potty along, or suction cup holders. Genius.

Melanie said...

I had never thought of using the suction cup holders on car windows..great idea!!


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