Our Swim Bag

July 3, 2014

It's summer and we spend a lot of time in the water.  Swim lessons.  Swim park.  Lake trips.  Beach trips.  Splash pad.  So, our bag is always packed and ready to go.

Here is what is in our main bag:
3 beach towels (one for each person)
Georgia's kick board
bug spray
2 dry bags
hair rubber bands
pool ID cards

I do also have another bag that I bring on occasion depending on where we are going, who's going, and how long we are staying.  It carries our extra towels and water bottles if we need them.

Here are our dry bags.  One is for wet stuff.  It's lined and zips so it keeps the water inside for the most part.  The other holds things that I don't want to get wet like my phone, keys, and Jonathan's wallet.  Only one section of this one stays totally dry so the other part holds our sunscreen as well.
(green one was a gift and the blue one was from The Gap years ago)

The last thing in this bag are our sunglasses, goggles, and hair rubber bands so it holds quite a bit in this small bag.

Here are our sunscreens and bug spray.  I'm allergic to almost all sunscreens and bug sprays so here is what works for us.
1. BabyGanics sunscreen spray
2.  Honest Co sunscreen
3.  Neutrogena "Pure and Free Baby" sunscreen stick - I cannot use this one.  Very allergic but love the stick for G's face.  So easy.
4.  Bull Frog Deet Free

We've lived with this set up for over a year and it works for us.  Happy summer!

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Megan C said...

Love those small bags, I need a few of those! Great post!


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