Georgia's Preschool Memories

August 26, 2014

Today is Georgia's first day of school!
(These are last years pictures)

So, I decided to tie up some loose ends before I started posting about this school year.

Look how much my baby grew!  Oh my goodness.  And her hair!  I like it shorter but Jonathan likes it longer.  She even had one BIG hair cut.

Her last day of school was splash day and she had so much fun!

Through out the year I took pictures of her work from school and stored them on my phone app (ArtKive) and plan on ordering that book soon.  The items I really liked I kept in our family binder.  At the end of the year Georgia's teacher gave us a hand print alphabet book the kids had worked on all year and a huge stack of pictures of our child.  So, I cleaned out my family binder (where all her school work had been) and put all Georgia's two year preschool memories in that one binder her teacher gave us and now it's stored away. I have a whole other post on organization coming up :)

The left is the cover of the binder the teachers made.  On the right are her pictures that were on her desk and chair all year, her backpack rack name tag, and the beginning of her alphabet hand prints.

A lot of the pictures they put in sheet protectors in the the back of the binder. 

And, my favorite artwork from the year I saved, punched holes in, and put in the last section of the binder.

AND, I've started another binder that I plan on giving Georgia when she graduates from high school.  I have her first day of school picture, last day of school picture, and picture with Georgia and her teacher, as well as a letter I asked her teacher to write to her on the last week on school all on one sheet.  I'm going to do that every year (that she'll let me!), keep them in the binder, and then give them all to her with all the sweet words from her teachers!

Here is the cover sheet I made for it.

Now, onto the three year old class!

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Megan C said...

Love that idea of giving her something when she graduates. I'm definitely going to steal that idea for Seth!!


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