I was caught up

September 23, 2014

So, I was nice and caught up on blogging but then life happened and I again got behind.  It doesn't really bother me any more though.  

We're still slowly reno-ing away.  Georgia's room now has sheet rock and we've taken down 4 light fixtures and replaced three of them so far.

MOPS started.

I've snapped way too many pictures of my Georgia.

It is now fall.  I so want to decorate for fall but I have two problems.  1) We're not totally unpacked and 2) we don't have a fireplace.  But, I'm tackling the moving issue although it's hard when G's room isn't done and I'm on the hunt for an antique mantle.

I've been SO blessed with a steady stream of photography clients and Etsy work.  Keeps me busy in a good way.  Still loving it almost a year later :)

And, we've been loving having friends and family over for dinner.  So blessed with such a great community.  I took this the other night when we had friends and family playing in our huge yard.  Not a very good picture but our two tire horse swings are a huge hit! (Some friends gave them to us.)

So, Happy Fall Y'all!

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Melanie said...

Life looks like it's been fun and busy!! Don't feel alone..I haven't decorated for fall yet either!!


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