This Week

October 3, 2014

Another school "week" has come and gone.  Well, almost gone.  Georgia doesn't go to school on Fridays and I've always considered Friday the weekend, so this week is practically over.


This week was filled with lots of family and friend dinners which I don't have photographic evidence of.  But it happened.  I only have this one photo to prove we hung out with family.  Found their make up.  Georgia is sweating hers off.

I REALLY wanted a cupcake and so did Georgia but we didn't have butter so I improvised and made these sugar free, gluten free  Nutella cupcakes and icing.  They weren't amazing but they were good.

My good deed for the week.  Check.  Rescued this little guy.

My grandmother is 90 and wants a picture of Georgia EVERYDAY.  She's 90 so she gets what she wants.  I call them Nannygrams.  Here are a few.

We played a lot and played outside a lot more than usual because the weather is getting so much nicer.

Georgia LOVES her daddy.  The fact that he goes to work is a hard pill for her to swallow every single day.  I did manage to snag a picture of them cuddling and a picture of them before Georgia's open house.  (The wall on the open house picture looks strange because I took the name of her school off of it.  Safety first!)

Before our house gets finished I took the opportunity to write scripture into our home.  Literally.  The one in red is Georgia's room.  The left is the entry way and the right is the dining room.  They'll be there forever now!

Clearly I love these big headbands, from HEB, these pictures are 8 month apart.

And her Daddy is standing behind me.  Hence, the smiles.

Hope everyone is loving October as much as we are and hope y'all have a great weekend!


Megan C said...

Love this big headbands!! Also, can you come teach Seth... Love that letter hopscotch!

GHB said...

Sweet G really looks like her daddy now!


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