Emily Fun Facts

November 3, 2014

1.  The possibility of a paper cut terrifies me.  Like, I may drop my own child to avoid it.
2.  Seeing people barefoot on a wooden deck makes me cringe.  You'll never catch me on a wooden deck with no shoes.  Splinters are real people.  And, they hurt!
3.  I don't get royalty.  Most royal families don't do anything so it just doesn't make sense to me.  Have a president or prime minister and let that be it.
4. When the clip part of a pen touches my hand it bugs the heck out of me.  I either break them off or just use a different pen.

5.  Speaking of "pens".  I pronounce it "pEn" not "pIn" if that makes sense but I don't pronounce my name the same way...I say the first E more like an I...again, if that makes sense.  I think most people say Emily that way.
6.  I only like to take HOT baths.  When I first get in I want a little sting because it's so hot and when I get out I need to look like a lobster.  Feels soooo good!
7. Slow drivers make me irrate.  People who cut you off in a parking lot while you're backing out also tick me off.
8.  I could live off of Sweet Tarts.  And sweet tea.  They're so good y'all.  So good!
9.  Jonathan and I recently finished Friday Night Lights.  Not sure why we were so late to the game on that one.  It was the perfect show for us and we are in mourning now that it's over.  Jonathan played football and coached football (in TX) so it was great for him and I loved the music, story line, the filming style, characters (Tim Riggins, Tami, and Gracie Bell were my favs!)  I'm really missing Tami and Tim in my life.  Jonathan loves Tim too ;)
10.  I cannot stand living in a house and walking across the tile or wood and getting my feet dirty.  I have to have clean floors all the time.
11.  If I can hear your bass in your car know that I loathe you.  I really do.
12.  I feel like I'm NEVER doing good enough on our budget.  I work so hard on it and then always feel like I've failed in some way.  It's a horrible cycle.  Like, we should be better about using only cash...but it's hard with so much reno going on and trying to see what our new bills are going to level out at...Ugh.
13.  I don't like waste.  Like, I hate throwing away leftovers and leaving lights on in rooms that you're not currently in.  I'm not a nazi about it but it just nags at me ;/
14.  My favorite musician would have to be John Mayer.
15.  I love binder clips.  They are just so handy.
16.  I'm making my way through most CW shows on Netflix.  Not ashamed.
17.  Jonathan and I are semi considering home school
18.  I wonder why I wanted a fixer upper.  (Big yard.  Character.  History.  Established.  BIG trees.  <<< I tell myself this daily.)
19.  I love oxford shirts.  One of my all time favorite things to wear.
20.  I get on Namberry.com everyday.  And, no I am not pregnant.

Anyone with me on these...any of these?!


Sarah Emily said...

You are preaching to the congregation on slow drivers! I love in south Florida aka retirement central and the slow drivers down here KILLLL me! I also am a huge fan of John Mayer he is usually on repeat in my house! You're not alone girl!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Ugh the budget thing. We have been revamping ours like crazy lately and going to start to use cash. I have tried to avoid using the cash/envelope system but I've gotta do something!!

Lyndsey said...

Texas forever.

I saw a giveaway for a "Texas Forever" tee on IG and now both my kids NEED it. I'm still mourning the show and I finished it years ago. Loving that I can watch it again and again on Netflix.

And I miss baths! The only bathtub in this house is in the kids joint bathroom, and it seems like whenever I really want one, one of them is sleeping!

stephanie said...

I totally understand about Friday Night Lights. We were pretty late to the game as well, but we even watched it a second time. The show got to me in such a strange, personal way. The writers were magic, I swear. I loved every bit, but especially coach Taylor and Tami's relationship and their struggles.

Kate Osborn said...

I completely understand the clean floors thing. I can't stand going to bed with dirty feet, so if they get dirty between the bathroom and my bed, I get really irritated.
Slow drivers annoy me only if they won't get out of the way. When we lived in St. Louis, it seemed like everyone wanted to drive exactly the speed limit in ALL the lanes on the freeways.. And then complain about the traffic. Now, my experiences in Colorado are pretty close to the same, except that they seem to enjoy going five or ten under the speed limit and blocking all the lanes.
Binder clips maker happy, and I SUPER miss Sweetarts.. I wish even one of the varieties didn't involve egg.

Melanie said...

I agree with you on a lot of that! One of my biggest annoyances with drivers are..if your in a parking lot where the parking spaces are "angled" and not straight..please DO NOT drive down the parking lane the wrong way (if that makes sense)..irritates the snot out of me!! PS..interested in your thoughts on homeschooling!


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