Waco Murals

November 4, 2014

{You can read about the Wacotown movement here}

Wacotown - Oh so special
{read more here and located here}

If you stop here for the Wacotown mural you'll be able to also see The Countdown, True Love, Color Wall, and Turquoise wall.  They are all in the same parking lot.
The Countdown
{read more here and located here}
The countdown is no longer there and has been replaced with this:
As I said at the top the following murals are all in the same parking lot
Color Wall
Small turquoise wall
One block over is...
The Waco Wall
{Located here at Barnett's Pub click here to learn more.}
So, if you did the walls before this you can easily go around the corner and catch these two.
 (Right next to the Waco wall is this pretty mint colored wall.  Not a mural but still pretty)
You Look Nice Today Wacotown
{read more here and located here}
Waco Starry Night
{Read about it HERE and located here}
Colorful Mural
{located at Hey Sugar here}
"Waco" Mural
{read about it HERE and located at Dichotomy HERE}
Silos District
If you venture to The Silos {located HERE near Webster}
The Findery
 Then, down the street is The Findery.  This mural is located around back.
{Go here to see it and go here to learn more}
My Greatest Find
Also near The Silos is Savage Finds.
Go {here} to find this beauty and go {here} to learn more!
Dear Waco
For more shopping visit Junque in the Trunk.
{Go here}
Ice Cream
 For some yummy ice cream go to Heritage Creamery.
{Go here around back}
Donut Sun
A random Shipley's at the corner of Valley Mills and Cobbs.
{Located here}


Pamela said...

How neat!!

Melanie said...

Those are so cool! I could take pictures in a place like that all day long!


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