Getting Dressed Without Tears

November 11, 2014

Getting Georgia dressed used to be fun.  Then, she turned three and it all went down hill.  Every morning she would scream, I would yell, she would cry.  Vicious cycle.

Then, my mom told me I need to give her choices.  So I tried it.  And, it worked!

Georgia has school on Tue, Wed, Thur so on Monday I pick out 5 outfits for the week (she knows she doesn't have a choice on Sundays and is OK with that).  Each school morning she gets to pick one outfit from the 5 I have selected.  Then, we have a few extras for various other times in the week.  Since, if we hang out at home or Home Depot all week...I honestly don't care what she wears.

So, it's a win win.  She gets to pick out all her own clothes even though all the outfits have been pre selected by me.  She gets to feel independent and I have a child that matches in public.  And, as an added bonus when we're around the house or running errands she gets to look like a crazy.

Now, we have a happy camper again and Jonathan and I no longer dread getting her dressed!  Give it a try!

1 comment:

Ashleigh said...

I am glad that giving her choices worked for you all... I am sure that makes it tons upon tons easier!


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