Thankful Monday

November 24, 2014

So behind with no excuse other than my house rules my life right now.  Especially since we hosted our family's Thanksgiving yesterday.  And, I'm a photographer and it's Christmas card season.  Enough said.

7.  So, while it keeps me busy I am so thankful my husband and I have the ability and opportunity to remodel our home.  
8.  And again, while it keeps me busy I am so glad it is Christmas card season.  I've seen my client base blossom and it's nothing short of a blessing.
9.  Unanswered prayers and the assurance that they will be.  Hope is an amazing thing.
10.  So happy and thankful that Jonathan has an entire week off!  So exciting!
11.  This is a smaller thing but my allergies have been killing me BUT they've subsided for the time being.  Praise the Lord.
12.  Georgia is like an emotional roller coaster most days but her good manners are coming out more and more and I'm so glad.
13.  Newer A/C and a metal roof.  Our house was built in 1965 so normally you would think high eclectic bill.  But, not ours.  Thank you previous home owner ;)
14.  Some peace I've come into on deciding Georgia's school future.
15.  A warm, safe, and dry place to spend my days when it's cold and raining.
16.  Having had the oppurtunity to host our family Thanksgiving this year.
17.  I'm done shopping for Georgia for Christmas.  It's silly but I'm glad I'm done with her at least!  I'm usually more on top of things but this year has just gotten away from me.
18.  Living very close to family is a huge blessing and help.
19.  Etsy orders.  I get a just a few every month but it's still fun.
20.  Our new Costco opened and we bought two weeks worth of groceries for our one week budgeted amount.  Score!  I'm not a die hard Costco fan though...I LOVE my HEB!
21.  Georgia's room is nearly 100% done.  I am so thankful for all the time and energy that Jonathan and others have put into it.  It's beautiful and turning into exactly what I imagined it could be!
22.  It's a small thing but I'm so thankful for baths!  I hate taking showers and when we were living at my mom's house the room we slept in only had a shower.  So glad to have a tub in my life and in my master bath.
23.  I don't really enjoy working out but I am so thankful for my health as well as my family's.  I'm thankful I have the ability to get up and run and keep my body healthy.
24.  I've said I'm thankful for Jonathan but I am so thankful that he loves me so well.  He's an amazing person.  I wish there were more guys just like him on this earth.

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