Back To Work He Goes

December 1, 2014

So today marks the first day Jonathan goes back to work.  It's was wonderful having him home all week but back to our routine we go!  That's good and bad.

While he was home we kicked off the Christmas season as soon as Thanksgiving was over and got a little house stuff done as well.

I started putting up some trees.  We have a lot this year.  Stay tuned because I will have to have a Powell Family Tree Tour.  Not sure how I've collected so many...

Jonathan and Georgia made gingerbread cookies and we watched White Christmas while Georgia danced the night away.  I love seeing her enjoying movies that Jonathan and I love as well.

We also made an Ikea trip to get curtains and eat lunch.  We love the Ikea cafe.

I was also able to start organizing Georgia's closet and started to organize my mom's teaching materials for Georgia.  Luckily our hall closet is one of the biggest closets I've ever seen and Georgia's closet is the biggest closet she's ever had. They both have a long way to go.

Jonathan and Georgia went out of town so I was able to get a lot of photoshoots and editing done and a few other odds and ends around the house.  It was a nice break.

Hope everyone has a great first normal week back!

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