Waco Quick Trip {Baylor Homecoming 2014}

November 26, 2014

We made a fun weekend out of Baylor's Homecoming.  We got into Waco on Friday.  Jonathan's sister lives in Waco so we stayed at their house which was super nice of them.  We drove around town and explored a bit since we had some time to kill.

Then we ate dinner at Ninfa's (duh!) and headed to campus for the bonfire.  Georgia's day was made when she got a new cheerleader outfit at the bookstore.

Saturday morning was the homecoming parade and it was cold!

After the parade we found another mural and then headed back to my sister in law's house.

When it was time for the game Jonathan's sister baby sat and we went to the game just the two of us which was so nice!

 And Georgia had a great time with her cousins and played dress up :)

On Sunday we got up and went around campus to get some good Baylor pictures.

Then we went to Jonathan's brother in law's church to hear him preach and were off on our way home again.  He did a wonderful job on the sermon as well.  And, Georgia passed out with in minutes of getting in the car.

 It was such a good trip!  Fun at homecoming and fun with most of our family and friends!

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