Our Week{end}

January 26, 2015

So, this is me looking back at my Instagram account and wondering where my week went ;)

AND, I didn't proof this post...just a heads up!

We tried to enjoy the warmer weather while it lasted.

Had another usual week of home school.

We went to get Georgia her passport application.  Jonathan and I have been able to travel more lately because of his work schedule but we don't usually take Georgia with us.  I'll be honest.  I like to travel without her.  But, this year our family vacation is to Mexico instead of our normal Gulf Shores, AL.

Before ballet Georgia showed me her "perfect ballerina pose"

My brother brought his lady friend over for dinner.  Too bad our power went out.  The estimated time to come back on was 7pm...too bad it came back on at midnight.  So, we decided to go out to eat instead.  They did bring us dessert, wine, flowers, and two gifts for G so that was super nice.

Our weekend was quite the opposite of relaxing.  Actually, we didn't really get in that much fun or relaxing at all.  

On Friday Georgia was diagnosed with the flu (type A this time around) after she just had it this same time last month.  The dr said that is possible because there are so many strains.  Like, I'll ever pay for a flu shot again.  Not likely.  But, this flu was less severe than the first bout and it lasted less than 48 hours (which is how long her first case lasted).  No tamiflu.  Just Advil and a lot of Essential Oils.

Then, on Saturday I woke up feeling pretty yucky so J let me stay in bed most of the day and rest.  Saturday night and Sunday morning were even worse so again, I stayed it bed.  I never had a fever though so I'm thinking it's just a cold or allergies and not the flu.  So the two pictures below sum up my Saturday.  Meals in bed and a really messy room!

Jonathan and Georgia played the days away and planted a garden (and planted grape vines a few weeks ago) while I vegged in bed watching Friends all day.  I also had a lot of time to stare at our house and contemplate the time and energy it will take to finish our remodel.  I also started planning a lot of vacations in my head.  I was mentally spending a lot of money ;)  We did miss a birthday party (which I hate) and another party was cancelled because the birthday boy got the flu as well.  It's so bad in our area right now.

All of it just really stinks because as a new home school mom I SO value the time Jonathan is at home and I feel like I didn't get to maximize that.  Life happens I guess.

So, today is back to reality for me.  Busy Busy!  Although we're missing MOPS at church and I'm missing The Bachelor at girl's night :( :(  I don't think we're contagious but I just want to give it an extra day.  I loathe people who go out and about and are sick.


Brittney Galloway said...

I hate it when people go out when sick as well! I had a lady bring her sick children to Bible Study child care and I wanted to say something snarky but I suppose that wouldn't be nice. HA.

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Yes, it is sooo frustrating when people bring their sick kids out! It's never fun for kids to get sick, but with Callyn's breathing issues it can be terrifying. Makes me so mad!! I am glad you are all getting to feeling better though! Looks like a pretty good week :)

Gennifer said...

So I know this post is from a year ago, but I came across your page via Pinterest. And now I've sat for 30 minutes during nap time reading your blogs. :-) I have to say, being sick doesn't sound fun, but staying in bed watching Friends all day sounds idyllic. Thank you for the 30 minutes of good reads. I'm sure I'll be back because I just bookmarked your page.


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